Hannah Hiking

I took Hannah for her first official hike yesterday. It was silly.

Adjectives I would use to describe my daughter…

  1. Adventurous
  2. Inquisitive
  3. Fast
  4. Fearless

Adjectives I would use to describe the trail we were on…

  1. Narrow
  2. Winding
  3. Rocky/Rooty
  4. Inconsistent

Not to mention that this path ran along the river for a quite a ways, but, like, up a cliff kinda thing. I mean, super little, not an actual cliff. Just a sheer drop of about 6 feet or so. I don’t know how to describe that. Suffice to say, Hannah was not all that clear on the whole stay on the path thing, not that the path was all that clear all the time anyway. I would often have to dart into the woods or thrust a leg out to stop her from cliff diving into a shallow rock encrusted river. Surprisingly, she only bent over once to pick up sticks which she immediately tossed back on the ground. She tripped several times, but after only two falls, was able to wobbly catch herself lest her knees get all ouchy. Overall, she did really well.

I let her walk most of the way. I carried her on my hip very little but carried her on my shoulders quite a bit which she kind of loved. She giggled a lot. She had a really good time. All the same, I think I’ll try to find a trail that’s a little more toddler friendly next time and a little less imminent catastrophe.


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