And The Water Drama Continues

After the January fail, a few posts went onto the neighborhood’s NextDoor page which you may or may not remember/care that I follow. Usually, it’s a lot of back and forth arguing over fireworks v gunshots (totally fireworks BTDubs) and who ran a yellow light like a hooligan. But this water situation is definitely making me sad so I decided to contribute via reply.

I admitted in my comment that I may be a spoiled city girl, but I found it super annoying that I am never confident that I’ll have water, cleanish appropriate to bathe my toddler in water, on a daily basis. That when we haven’t gotten the company blast that they are working on something, we still have a thick dirty film on everything. And that we’ve already had to replace a dishwasher that simply failed to work AT ALL from being so jacked up with deposits. Shelby has said that this pitiful water situation actually makes him want to consider moving. It’s not fun.

So anyway, I did not get the bashing I was expecting, but rather got a few “Thank”s and a few follow-up posts about people who were just as annoyed with the service.

And then we got another notification that our water would be out this week M-F 8-5 for flushing. We should boil water for personal use and avoid using laundry and dish washers.

Seriously? Boil water for personal use? Like, all personal use? Like if we want to shower before work anytime this week and have a hope of not bathing in sediment and whatever else they’re flushing we have to stock up on that much boiled water? For bathing my kid? Who has discovered her ears and how much food and drink she can fit into them? For cooking? Cleaning? And we had one day’s notice for all the laundry and dishes?

So one of our neighbors posted an eloquent complaint that he had submitted to the company. With details about following up with the Utilities Commission. And then someone else followed suit. And others have as well.

So maybe my little plea will help inspire change. Not that I specifically will be contacting the commission or company because I do not have the kind of time, mental energy, or baseline knowledge to organize a complete multi-mile neighborhood aqueduct overhaul. But maybe, just maybe, I can look forward to taking a shower whenever I want. Wouldn’t that be a novel idea?


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