Water continues to be my archenemy. SHAKY FIST!!

We moved out to the country. Technically. Though not exactly. We are still in a neighborhood. We still have several grocery stores within ten minutes of our house. We have a garbage company that collects our trash and the recycling is picked up by the city. But we are technically outside city limits so we are not on city water. We have a company. That kinda sucks.

Pretty routinely, we’ll get a voicemail and text alert that the water is being shut-off or worked on. We’ll have low pressure for a week. We should boil everything for human use (including bathing). When I say routinely, I mean once or twice a quarter. Almost every month. Almost every month we have suspect water for bathing, cooking, eating, washing the plates we ate off of and cooked with. During “normal business hours” we have such low water pressure that it would take approximately 45 minutes to fill one pot of water full enough to boil for…I don’t know, drinking? What can you even do with one pot of water?

This is not as annoying as it was when we needed water to make formula. I mean, it’s still suuuuuuuuuuuuper annoying, but at least we have alternatives to mixing Hannah’s nutrients with disease ridden water.

So today, at just before 8, I got another alert. While I was sitting in the bathroom. Doing sitty in the bathroom things. I figured we just got the alert, so one flush couldn’t possibly do any harm. HA HA HA WRONG!

I used the restroom upstairs, but for some reason, when I flushed it destroyed both the upstairs and downstairs toilets. The tanks began to bubble and leak, even with the tops on. A nice puddle formed upstairs. Thankfully not downstairs since the wood under the linoleum has already rotted away. It was seriously loud (if you wake up my child I swear I will stab you in the eyes) and kind of terrifying. Double bubble toil and trouble!

I cut the water supply at the toilet base in both bathrooms and so far, nothing has exploded. I replied on our neighborhood message board to ask if anyone else hated this company and thought we should start looking at a new one. I’ll be interested to see what hate comments are showered down. Showered, like water, THAT DOESN’T WORK SO I WON’T BE SHOWERING TODAY!


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