The Cruds

We’ve got it.

I jinxed it. I had JUST had a conversation with my mother about how Hannah never gets sick, how we haven’t had so much as a sniffle since she was born. And then the cruds rained down upon our household with a fervor the like of which I have only read about in the Holy Bible!

It started with Shelby. With the stress to his mind over closing the theatre, the stress to his body with participating in a physically demanding show, and the constant changes in weather (70 to 30 to 65 to 19, what the crap NC?), he got sick. It started with fatigue, but who can tell with him anymore so we brushed that symptom aside. But then one night, while waiting for his show to open, his throat fired up in literally less than a minute and it was all downhill from there. Aches. Congestion. Enough tissues and DayQuil to sustain a small militia.

I was resilient, getting a bit of a sore throat but not letting that stop me. Until two days ago when it all went to pieces. Now I’m in the same boat. So much sinus pressure my teeth hurt. GI unfriendliness and buckets of snot aside, I hate the constant headache and brain cloud I’ve been dealing with.

And then poor Hannah. She had a runny nose, but didn’t have all the hang-ups adults have with where snot is allowed to be so wasn’t constantly building pressure in her head by trying to suck it back up or blow it all out. She didn’t seem to be experiencing any other symptoms either, no fever, no cough. And then last night, she got the GI troubles. Which was awful. And lead to some pretty horrific diaper rash. And a pretty sad and fussy toddler.

On the one hand, I’m kinda glad we all have it at the same time. It’s less likely we’ll bounce it around for weeks and keep contaminating each other. But on the other hand, who is gonna make the tea and toast?

I want my mommy.

Which funnily enough, is not who Hannah wants. She wants her daddy. Which totally makes sense. And today, I am totally fine with that.


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