Happy Thanksgiving

We hosted a smashing success of a Thanksgiving feast! And our house is still reaping the consequences. 😦

Natalie and Kim drove in Wednesday night. I was long asleep by the time they arrived, and from what I understand, Kim was in bed pretty quickly as well. I woke at midnight and toddled down the stairs to find Natalie and Shelby working feverishly in the kitchen, doing as much prep work as possible. A shopping list of forgotten items was prepared.

Wednesday night started the rough sleeping nights of Hannah, and after a restless night, she woke early Thursday morning. I got her dolled up in a cutesy little outfit and the two of us went off to Kroger to get the last minute items on the grocery list. When Kroger failed to supply all the items required (apparently Heavy Whipping Cream is all the rage on turkey day), we scooted over to Food Lion and found what we needed. It wasn’t too crowded given that it was still pretty early, and watching Hannah push around the “Shopper In Training” cart was well worth the trip.lil-shopper

We got back home and futzed around waiting for people to wake up already. I rearranged some furniture and got some stations set up for drinks and appetizers. Hannah was well behaved and sweet and very interested in what was happening to her house.

The huz finally woke and sloshed right into the kitchen. We started making breakfast when Beth and Gary arrived with the turkey in tow. Gary plugged the grill in on the back porch and the turkey work was done! He kept offering services, but everyone pretty much had everything covered and kept telling him to sit and enjoy the break. But when a few more ingredients were needed (how do you forget the cheese part of Mac & Cheese?) he offered and drove me back to the store. It was nice to catch up with him. I rarely talk to him and he’s such a nice and interesting person. However, when the third trip to the store was requested an hour later, I let him take that one by himself.

Despite Shelby’s efforts at getting everyone the hell outta the kitchen, that is pretty much where we all congregated. Dishes had to constantly be washed to be available for the next food prep, appetizers had to be arranged, elixirs and tonics had to be concocted, and of course Hannah wanted to hang around under everyone’s feet to “ask” for a bite of everything.

By the time PT came over, Gary had gotten so itchy at the idea of sitting still that he was mid-way through mounting our TV to the wall. PT hung out in there for a bit and nibbled on a few finger sandwiches and cocktail weenies.

Jeff was the last to arrive and his timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The rolls had just gone in the oven, turkey and ham were being carved, and the final dishes were being placed on the table.


We had broccoli and apple salad, sage and sausage stuffing, Mac & Cheese, baked beet salad, smashed potatoes, sweet potato souffle, turkey and turkey gravy, ham, creamed corn, green bean casserole, creamed spinach, rolls, and of course the traditional cranberry jelly thing straight from the can. Everyone loaded up plates and we all sat together in the living room with the newly mounted TV playing football in the background.

Sufficiently stuffed, a quick game of Mustache Smash began while others did some dinner cleanup and dessert prep. It was getting into the evening and Hannah was getting increasingly fussy so I took her up to get ready for bed. She went down pretty quickly, but by the time I got downstairs, a game of Quelf had begun. This game can take a while, and at about 10:30, an outburst from a particularly ornery PT woke Hannah and ended the game.

She came down to visit but stayed firmly gripped by a parent lest she scream in dismay while friends busted out their tupperware and started divvying up the leftovers. Beth and Gary left soon after followed by PT. Jeff hung around for a while but I was upstairs unsuccessfully trying to make Hannah sleep. She finally went down close to 2? Maybe that was that night?

In any case, she still woke early Friday morning in a foul mood. I tried keeping her quiet, but it didn’t seem to matter. Nobody got up before noon anyway. She and I did come to an agreement at some point which involved her carrying a roll in each hand and being granted unquestioned access to my legs.

Friday was Friday. Hannah and I had some yard time, Shelby had some good solid friend time with Natalie and Kim. A party commenced with appropriately mixed egg nog.* I’m steering clear of liquor at the moment, beer and wine only, so I took that opportunity to take Hannah for a walk, hoping the evening air would help her sleep. It did not. Enter night 3 of crappy sleep for all.

Saturday morning our new dishwasher arrived but has yet to be installed. I feel like all we have done since Thursday is eat ham and turkey and wash dishes. Blah. Hannah slept well Saturday night, waking only once but putting herself right back to sleep. I negotiated with Shelby and got an extra hour of sleep Sunday morning, it was glorious. Sunday night was equally uneventful though I spent most of the night convinced I could hear her crying. Last night or I guess technically this morning, she woke up at 4. I think part of her problem is all the ham and dry air made her extra thirsty and all the water and milk makes her diapers get veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery full at night, and her diapers kinda suck for that. I will be investigating a better overnight diaper option. Sure enough, at 4 this morning her diaper was incredibly full and her pjs were just shy of being damp. But I could tell she was still tired so I changed her quickly while Shelby made a small bottle. She actually let me put her back in the crib! That hardly ever happens! After 20 minutes of quiet I dared to think that she may have fallen asleep again, but it only lasted until the bottle was empty and then she was ready to be back out at about 4:30.

I took her downstairs. She wanted to be held so I held her. Then she decided she wanted to be put down so I put her down. Then she heard her daddy who was coming down the stairs to help and she giggled. But then he left the room and she cried. She was an emotional wreck! I sent Shelby back upstairs after he offered to stay with her telling him I wouldn’t be able to sleep anyway. I was holding out hope that this obviously tired little girl would be able to put herself back to sleep and we wouldn’t be actually starting our day at 4am. Thankfully, by 5:15, she was snoring on my shoulder. By 5:45, I was able to fall back asleep. 6:24, my alarm went off. 😦

*Natalie and Kim went to the liquor store to get some dark rum to add to the egg nog. They were duly informed by the store clerk that REAL TRADITIONAL egg nog is actually mixed with 3 liquors; whiskey, rum, and cognac. Smart salesperson. Totally sold three bottles of liquor to someone looking to buy one.


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