Happy Holidays

The holidays are upon us once again. Oy Vey!

There was a time I was totally on top of all this stuff. I had birthday gifts all purchased well in advance. I have a lot of birthdays to pay attention to.

January – Brother in Law, Nephew 3

February – Totally clear for me (we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day)

March – Brother in Law and me

April – Brother and Nephew 1

May – Sister

June – Nephew 2

July – Husband and Mother in Law

August – Sister and Mother

September – Sister and Father in Law

October – Also randomly clear

November – Daughter, Anniversary

December – Father, Brother in Law and Christmas

I used to have Christmas gifts bought and wrapped by August. I’d have last minute purchases sure, of things that went on sale or I thought so and so would just love to have. But if I didn’t make these purchases, everyone would still have a major item wrapped from me.

Somewhere along the line this all broke. I am only now starting to admit to myself that I might be a scrambling last minute shopper. 😦

Birthdays I was still pretty good about until all the life changes started happening at once and I completely fell off the wagon. I think I’m caught up at this point, but there may still be someone I missed (holla at me if you want a gift yo!).

And now the holidays are upon us. I have purchased exactly 3 things. I’m behind.


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