Birthday Photo Parade

She’s one. Holy crap my baby is one.

The day started off well. Shelby had the brilliant idea of purchasing a ball pit. I had the brilliant idea of setting it up early all Santa style so it would just be there when she went into the nursery for the first time that morning. She was initially wary, hesitant to enter the unknown hall of colors, but it didn’t take long for her to dive right in.


The cat was equally attracted and Hannah enjoys chasing him through the tubes. Cute.

We got her dolled up in her obligatory party outfit


And then plopped her in the middle of the kitchen table to open her overwhelming haul of gifts.


She got some books, lots of new clothes, and bunches of toys. Pictured here are her bath toys which became the fast favorite. She also got one of those fisher price rotary phones and xylophones, and a couple of bigger items that she either loves or ignores depending on how interested her father or I pretend to be in them.


We haven’t given Hannah much sugar in her short little life. She has gotten the occasional bite of ice cream or sip of juice from a grandmother, a gerber cookie or graham cracker after dinner, but nothing approaching the caliber of birthday cake. We got her stripped to the diaper, lined her tummy with some Pasta Pick-Ups (cooked her favorite meal for her birthday, I will take my best mom ever award now) and then let her loose on a specially made cupcake.


She was surprisingly and remarkably clean afterward…


Mustn’t waste the precious. (Although that’s about all she ate. She filled up on Ravioli. WIN!)

She got dressed in about three of her new outfits throughout the day. Spent about 15 minutes playing with her new toys and the rest of the day sitting in a laundry basket, cuz why not? I’m 1, I do what I want! 

And now I have a one year old. Who has been to the dentist, has a Dr appointment this week, is up to date on her shots, and is no longer nursing but still likes to dig in my shirt with the tiny little ice cubes at the end of her wrists. She walks, she “talks”, she climbs, likes to feed herself, has a strong preference for being outside, and does her best to give kisses 1 out of every 5 times we ask. She and the cat are becoming very good friends which gives her no end of joy, but she does display a humorous amount of jealousy if he pays me more attention than her. She not only thinks but she considers. She is curious and adventurous. She doesn’t suck her thumb or carry a lovey, but when she gets frustrated or scared she clings to our legs like a monkey in a tree. She likes music. She dances; which mostly consists of arm flapping and head bobbing but is very distinctly dancing and certainly in response to music. Like her eldest cousin, she goes wild at the theme tune to “The Office”. She still hates being restrained, wailing when we click her into her carseat, but she will actively climb into it and play when it sits on the floor. She’s afraid of the vacuum but loves to carry around the broom and dustpan. She mimics me often. She learns incredibly quickly. I am sure that if she was a little bit taller she would totally be able to work the baby gates, she knows what to push but just can’t get the leverage. She can work the iPad. She is smart. She is funny. She is sweet. She is happy. And so are we.




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