Zero. Absolutely no Trick-or-Treaters.

Also, Shelby’s stage manager backed out of his show so I was recruited (mostly willingly) to run the show the first weekend. Which meant I stood around completely costumed with my tiny pirate wench (who totally wore her head scarf the whole day!) waiting for tiny adorable people dressed as (probably) princesses and butterflies only to shuffle off to rehearsal late with a bucket full of candy I was tired of eating three weeks ago but somehow can’t seem to stop. Theatre folks are only so forgiving of a bearded lady holding up their Halloween.


I miss the parties. I miss the costume contests. I miss the motivation to carve pumpkins and pull out all the decorations and make Halloween magic. I know it will be better next year when the magic is more better for Hannah, but this year disappointed once again.

We have some friends that got a boatload of candy seekers and they invited us to come to their house next year, so if we’re still friends, we’ll probably do that.

Hannah turns 1 in 2 days. How the even heck did that happen? I bought a cake mix to make cupcakes. She’s got a bunch of gifts, some already open and in use, some we’ll help her open on Friday. Obligatory pictures to follow I am sure. She has one set of grandparents here to to help celebrate. Other guests will be here the week following. And then of course we’re hosting Friendsgiving this year, so our humble house will get a lot of action in the next month.


Here’s another cute pic. Gotta do some work. Blah.


Why is the Rum always gone????

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