New Tooth

Also known as the night from hell.

We’ve been doing this on-again off-again sleep thing with Hannah and it is driving me bonkers. She sleeps really well for about 4 nights in a row, N then… NOPE! NOT GONNA AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME. Last night was such a night.

It’s been about a week since her last disrupted evening. She’s given a few coughs at 3 AM but never enough to wake herself up. I’ve been secretly hoping we were over this hump, but always waking with a start at any sound emerging from the direction of her room. Ticking time bomb and all. Last night the bomb exploded.

I finally fell asleep hard. I started reading a book, but fell asleep about 12 seconds in and was completely dead to the world. Until the ear shattering shriek came from her room. It seemed to start this violently as it brought Shelby running and he will usually yield to my wishes and let her grunt for a few minutes before trying to intervene. She squealed like her legs were being broken. At 1:30 AM.

I let Shelby  take the first shift. He held her, rocked her, sang to her, and made her a bottle since that seemed to work in less than 30 minutes the last time. All the while, I was lying in the bed listening with the intensity of a thousand suns. He eventually gave in and brought her to the bed with me, confirming that she was indeed “so close” and just needed to be held in the supine position. She breathed shallowly, slowly, her body was loose and relaxed. And then, from out of nowhere, she got a second wind. She was sitting, standing, crawling all over the bed. Trying to jump down, trying to hide in the pillows, trying to…I don’t know…conquer the universe. She was manifestly not sleeping.

I could only handle about 5 minutes of this situation and decided to take her back into her bedroom for some rocking and snuggling. She spent the entire time “climbing” up my belly and trying to get out of my arms, but when I put her down, she cried and wanted to be picked up. We battled this way for a bit before she finally decided it was playtime and started pulling everything off her shelves. I put her nursery rhymes on my phone (side note, I totally learned how to make it so touch is turned off at my command in an app so I can start videos, let Hannah hold the device, and she won’t buy stuff or sign me up for notifications or say “blah wah gfhuhoe;efh” to Siri who then gets very confused and blocks my phone for 45 minutes) and got “comfortable” on the floor. I just let her run around like a crazy person. She would pull stuff off the shelves, grab my phone and bang it on stuff, then sit and stare at it for a bit bobbing her head along to the music. Rinse and Repeat.

We went through about an hour and 1/2 of this before I stopped giving in to her every whim. At quarter to 4, mommy was losing patience with the whole tire herself out thing. I didn’t let her hold the phone anymore. If she wanted to see the video, she would have to lay down beside me. She was not a fan of that plan and started shrieking again. I thought at the top of her lungs. I decided that if she was just going to shriek anyway, I would put her back in the crib so I didn’t have to think about bookshelves falling on her but to my surprise, her shrieking got much louder and much more intense.

I pulled her back out of the crib and into the rocking chair. No dice. I squeezed her diaper and came to the conclusion that she could use a change. It was mid diaper change when Shelby came in with some Tylenol and another bottle. He offered to take over, but he hadn’t slept at all yet. But she reached for him when she was all snapped up and there was no changing her mind. So he brought her downstairs and I followed them, might as well get a start on the work day since it was now 5:30 in the morning.

At about 6, Shelby took her back upstairs. At some point she fell asleep in his arms and he finally felt confident enough to try putting her back in the crib. At 6:30 I went back up to lay down for just a minute. at 7:30, I woke with a start to her cries from her bedroom.

None of us have had much sleep. We are a grumpy crowd today. Part of me is very glad today is a work from home day. Part of me is really wishing I could be at the office taking a nap under my desk and not listening to a grumpy almost 1 year old. Shelby does not have rehearsal tonight and has been sleeping for a while now. I expect a negotiation where I get to disappear for a few hours for some relaxation. If only I had a cabana boy on speed dial.


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