This time last year, I was massively pregnant and desperately praying for an early delivery. That did not happen. We were moving house and all of our Halloween decorations were boxed up at my parents’ house. I was itchy, cranky, and sooooo not interested in trying to come up with a creative costume.

Not much has changed. 😉

Halloween has long been my favorite holiday. Dressing up. Playing a character. Getting candy. No gift anxiety. Parties. Magic. I’ve long been a fan of horror films and safe scaring; haunted houses and creepy cornfields. And all of the glories of the holiday are just getting exposed to Hannah.

She has no fear. She loves to be scared when she walks around corners, often waddling cautiously into the room looking side-eyed around the door-frame and giggling when you shout “boo“. She grabbed the gigantic spider decoration by the legs and shook it around, threw it and watched it bounce. She stood in front of the motion sensing crow and banged the chair to make it squawk. She took the bones we have strewn about the front lawn and just carried them around. She chewed up the grave stones.

This year she will get dressed up. I am excited to dress up as a family, with a theme (I can already hear her 8 year old self – OMG mom just stop). I think it will be fun even if all we do is walk around the front yard. She’ll stay at home with us and pass out candy. We put our house on the list at Nextdoor.com so maybe we’ll get more trick-or-treaters this year. Regardless, we will have a flippin good time watching Hannah try to navigate her costume.

Maybe we’ll get some fun adult time in before the holiday. Maybe we’ll put her to bed and sneak off to a party or something though I totally doubt it. We be old and tired.

And then a few short days later (though they seemed epic last year), my baby will turn 1. We kept her alive for one whole year. There will be partying. But first thing’s first, Scary Movie Night!!!! Who’s up for “The Shining”?



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