Hallelujah! The weather is turning. I fully expect in the ridonculous tradition of N. Carolina that we will get at least one night of frost before a 100 degree afternoon, but for now we are sitting pleasantly in 60ish degree nights and mornings and low 70 afternoon/evenings. And it is glorious.

The windows and doors are open. Sorta. I mean, literally the second I opened the back door, both the baby and the cat were like “FREEDOM” and bolted for the back porch. She is her mother’s daughter. Lord help me.

The devious bastard of a cat punched a hole in the screened in back porch so he could come and go off the porch as desired. Its mostly fine. He tore the seam right along the door frame so it’s not like a gaping hole that lets everything in, and it’s not as if the porch was bug tight anyway. The problem is that Hannah loves him so very much. And she follows him wherever she can. So when he bolts out the door, under the table, and through the screen hole, Hannah toddles after him slow and steady before dropping herself in front of the door and trying to crawl through the hole to get to him. She would absolutely fit if she could just get her coordination under control. This is terrifying as this porch door is at the top of a fairly steep 6 or seven stairs to a lower section of the porch.


My kid just totally dumped over a plant, picked up two of the tiny little white fertilizer pellet things from the soil, and slowly shoved one in each nostril.


I am very much looking forward to building a couple more fires. We live in the county so we are basically encouraged to burn everything rather than take it to the dump. We also have a crap ton of trees that like to drop logs on a pretty regular basis. I have already burned through a large recycling bin worth of debris and some pretty sizable logs that I chopped myself. But there is still plenty to go and the weather is perfect for it.

Hannah turns one next month. I can’t believe it. We’ve almost kept her alive for an entire year. Go team! We still have no idea what we’re going to do, but hopefully it will involve some cake, some fire, and some warmer clothes for Hannah because she refuses to wear socks. Grr.


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