Shelby has one more evening performance of Maccountant, an original reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The run was selling out (they added a performance and still sold out every show) and he came home every night pretty happy and excited about the comradery he’d built with the cast and general awesome responses from the audiences. I wanted to see it. But that meant I had to make arrangements for Hannah. The first time ever someone other than a grandparent would be watching her.

Even when our parents have come to town to help us out, it was mostly because of “work”. We had double booked ourselves, our rehearsal or performance schedules overlapped for a week here or there and Meme and Nana came to the rescue. I can only think of one occasion when we actually made a date and went out for some time together, and that was March 17. Ages ago.

So this felt different. This was “abandoning” my child for “selfish” reasons and what if she was sick, or her eye started bothering her (cuz cat fight – cat won) or she was fussy the whole time or she wouldn’t go to sleep? What if something terrible happened and I wasn’t nearby enough or accessible enough to rush to the rescue?

But everything was fine. I went to the show last night and watched a very funny, gruesome, and well put together performance of Maccountant. I drank wine and listened to music. I did sorta rush home after the play was over, waiting only long enough to hug and kiss my husband before I bolted out the door, but everything was fine.

She was cute and playful most of the evening. She fussed a little bit but quickly got over it with a little food and a little music. She was bathed, read to, played with, and loved and went to sleep without so much as a squeak. She barely ate the bottle that was made for her. And yet (here is the kicker folks) SHE SLEPT ALL NIGHT! That’s right folks, according to the sitter, she went down super fast and easily at roughly 9pm, her usual bedtime. She has been waking up once or twice a night and depending on the circumstances, will soothe herself back to sleep in ten minutes. But last night I never heard a peep. I woke with a start at 6:30 this morning, but it turns out I had only heard the cat meowing under the bed. She usually gets up at 7:30, so I finally went in close to 8 to make sure she was still breathing. She was snoozing so soundly that I snuck back into my own room to take advantage of a little more relaxation. At 8:30, I couldn’t take it anymore and got up to brush my teeth and putz around. It was probably my noise in the bathroom that woke her, but up she was and happy and giggling like the adorable baby I had two weeks ago.

And the best part? The sitter is working for trade, so I didn’t even have to pay her! Just have to let her borrow Shelby for a day to host an event for her library. Whew, now that that hurdle has been dealt with, Hey Beth, what’re you doing every weekend from now on?

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