Hannah was brilliant. The best I could have hoped for. As soon as she learns how cute she is, and how much she can actually get away with with that adorable smile and (as a shopkeeper in New Orleans commented) those exotic eyes, I am in big trouble.

She was antsy at first. She wanted to crawl into everyone else’s luggage at the terminal but I kept redirecting her and she would fuss for a second and then see some other bag that looked interesting and take off towards it. And then it was time to start loading the plane, my dread. I loaded her into the front body carrier and hoisted my carry-on and her diaper bag and got ready to board the plane.

Our seat was in dang near the last row which suited me fine. I was in no hurry, and the less people around the better if she decided to shriek the entire flight. She didn’t. She played with the many cards in the seat pocket, was super intrigued by the lock for the tray table, and could easily be distracted by puffs or nursing if necessary. We luckily had a window seat, so any of her kicking was directed at the wall of the plane and not the unfortunate lad sitting beside us. She loved looking out the window. She watched the entire time we landed on that first flight. Practically glued to the glass (or plexi-glass or whatever plane windows are made out of).

Our connection was pretty close on the trip to NOLA. We basically walked off the first plane, found our gate, and got in line for the next flight. This flight was a bit longer. We had been assigned a center seat, but thankfully no one showed up to take the window seat so we slid over and once again sat by the window. The poor Asian man on the aisle spent most of the flight picking up the various items Hannah would pull out of the seat pocket and throw on the floor because, favorite game. I thanked him everytime, but really wanted to tell him not to bother. He was just adding fuel to the fire. He didn’t seem to mind, Hannah loved it, and she stayed happy and quiet so…

The flights back were just as good, though I would have preferred a shorter layover. Chasing a crawling baby through a busy airport is pretty unfortunate. I can only imagine what it would have been like if she could run. She likes to explore. And carry-on baggage gets heavy to tote around for several hours. But everyone thought she was just adorable and gave her a wide berth. She was smiley and giggly, so everyone smiled and giggled back and were very sweet about the prospect of being stuck sitting beside her. The first flight she had a minor conniption about halfway through which was quickly diverted by letting her nurse. We were stuck in a middle seat, but the one guy slept against the wall the whole time and the other had just spent the summer visiting his brand new baby niece, so he was pretty darn forgiving. The second flight, she slept the whole way.

I’ll write about my actual trip soon. I think. Don’t hold me to that. It was delightful to say the least, even if Hannah was a needy cling-on most of the time. I was just so relieved to be the “what a good baby” story rather than the “OMG my flight was horrible” baby story.


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