Insanity? or Adventurous?

I’m taking Hannah on a plane today. She’s practically 10 months old. Which means she falls somewhere in the middle of easy to keep track of and highly opinionated on where she spends her time. So this is gonna be great right?

Anxiety is a big issue for me still. I no longer fear that some immediate danger is going to befall Hannah and I need to protect all the light bulbs in the house from exploding simultaneously and shredding her perfect little eyeballs and smooth flesh. That is mostly under control. What remains a problem for me is the what if I run late and can’t get the car seat checked and can’t carry the baby and the diaper bag at the same time? What if she screams on the plane and I can’t get her to be quiet and everyone LOOKS AT ME? What if her tiny ears don’t pop right away and she’s in pain and then the plane shakes and scares her and I’ve all kinds of traumatized my baby? What if I have to ask for help, or heaven forbid, pay extra money for something?

I’m sure it will be fine. It will of course end up being some manner of exhausting because Hannah is exhausting. But she’s also pretty chill. And generally pretty quiet in crowds. I expect at some point she’ll get bored and fussy, but that’s why I’ve packed the puffs in her diaper bag. I’m sure there will be an unfortunately timed diaper explosion but that comes with the territory these days. I’ve got diapers, wipes, extra clothes, and am not afraid to throw anything away.

That goes for me too. You may remember the lesson I learned so long ago. You never know when or how luggage that is not in your possession will get to your destination. Be prepared to make that work. I always carry a change of underwear and a change of clothes in my carry-on. I usually have my toothpaste and toothbrush, basically an overnight bag in case I have to sleep at the airport or go a few days waiting for lost bags to arrive. This came in extremely handy on our honeymoon.

So I’m anxious. But I’m ready for a little vacation. I’m ready for a slightly older and gutsier baby to hang out with her cousins. I’m ready for her Aunt Caki to spend some good quality time with her since the last time they were together, Caki was slightly occupied with the whole getting married thing. I’m ready for a little getaway from the laundry and dishes and cracker crumbs every dang where.

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