Marching On


Now, how am I supposed to do anything with that face looking at me?

Did I tell you how Hannah has learned to use her rocking chair as a step stool? Because she has. She likes to stand up on the seat, grab the back of the chair, and shake it. That naturally turned into standing seat of the chair to reach things. Which progressed to standing on the seat of the chair to then climb over the back of the chair to get onto taller things. Baby genius.

Work continues to move along. Just when I started to feel knowledgeable about something, I got an email that makes me question everything. It’s still hard, but it’s getting easier.

The house is starting to fall apart again. We just can’t keep up with all the dishes and laundry and picking up after Hannah whose favorite game is empty everything onto the floor! It would be magic if Shelby cleaned the whole house while Hannah and I were on our trip, but I’m not gonna set up any expectations. I’ll just drop some hints and see how we go.

The most adorable face just woke up. So I better go check on her. She has the most epic sad face too, and that one is even harder to ignore.


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