Brain Dump

Just gonna throw a bunch of random information out there without really explaining cuz I can.

  1. I have got to stop treating Wednesday night like it is Friday night. Just because I get an extra 30 minutes to sleep in on Thursday does not mean I should stay up past midnight. Ration that better.
  2. I almost fell in the shower yesterday. We need some kind of slip guard thing.
  3. I almost fell getting out of the shower yesterday. Cuz I’m amazing.
  4. Little Foot tortured two cicadas to death on the porch last night. On the one hand, it was kinda badass watching as he leapt and flipped and pounced. On the other hand, he did the whole pop it in your mouth, puncture its body with your teeth, spit it out and bat it around cat thing. But I guess that’s what they get for being on the porch.
  5. Hannah woke up an hour early this morning.
  6. Lynn came over this past Saturday, Natalie is coming over this coming Saturday, and I think Geraud is coming over the Saturday after that. Holy crap I might actually be making friends with people.
  7. I still sometimes feel phantom kicks in my belly. I read about it on the google. Its totally a thing.
  8. I have at least 3 songs running through my brain right now. Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk, some new song about Lightning, the stupid start-up to Hannah’s farm toy (Welcome to our learning farm, we have lots to show you. Shapes and colors music too, there’s so much to do.) and Stressed Out. It’s kinda crowded in there.
  9. Lots of people have been sick lately, I wonder if I can just “call in sick” on my work from home day.
  10. When she can, Hannah has totally started isolating herself to poop. It’s kind of adorable in a way that probably only parents can understand.
  11. I’m flying for Labor Day. With Hannah. OMG it’s gonna be great (rolling eyes so hard.)
  12.  It takes about 4 hours to mow my entire yard – front and back.
  13. How bout those Olympics huh? Huh? Amirite?

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