Wow July

So July happened. Apparently it was all very interesting. So engaging that I hardly even had time to write. But here I am checking in! So lucky for you.

Hannah continues to blow my mind. She walked today. She’s been trying to for a while. She didn’t do much or get far, but this was distinctly walking versus her typical face-planting in an attempt to walk. She let go of me, moved both of her feet to a new position (we’re gonna call those steps) and then almost fell. She steadied herself, surfed for a second, and then sat down and crawled. I know, stop the presses. But this was much different than any of her previous attempts. She’s not quite 9 months old people. What. The. Crap?

I went through a really grueling thing at work last week and seemed to come out with flying colors. Not sure how that worked out, but glad it did. Now I just have to hold on for about 15 more years and I’ll be all set. OMG the menial stress. I am so often tempted to quit everything and work as a waitress in St. Lucia. I might not make enough to keep a roof intact overhead, but by golly it would be damn beautiful scenery.

My parents came for a short visit. They brought us a cat, another family pet refugee welcomed into our home. Watching Hannah and Little Foot interact lies somewhere between sheer panic and death defying cuteness. She wants to catch him so bad, and he wants to let her but is so afraid of the tail pulling that will definitely happen. He mews, she cries, he jumps, she does the 2 minute shuffle of sit, turn, crawl, sit, turn it takes to get him back into her line of sight and then he takes off and she crawls after him with the saddest face on. She never catches him. He is certainly teasing her, willing her to play. It’s exciting to see the two of them already working together to get one over on the stupid adults. (Not so stupid Little Foot, she’s not tall enough to reach the door handle yet.)

Today was the first real day of Little Foot. He’s been here since Friday night, but we don’t really count that. He’s been staying with my parents since my brother had to move in June and this was the earliest we could coordinate a cat transfer. So he’s used to them, their house, their treat regimen, their behavior. We are totally new. No foundation to work from like we had with Bella. No real insight into his behavior, his personality, his bug capturing abilities. Today we got to navigate that a bit. We’ve got some work to do getting comfortable with each other, but I think it’s going swell so far. He’s even started snuggling up to a slightly skeptical Shelby. As long as he doesn’t gouge Hannah’s eyes out when she finally catches that tail, I think we’ll get along just fine.

I’m sure there’s more. I am sure super exciting things have happened and I am sure you are just chomping at the bit to hear about them. But it’s late. I’m tired. I have to work in the morning. And Little Foot is attacking a catnip mouse so I must go watch him being adorable.


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