Traveling With Baby

In my oh so short stint of motherhood, I have determined that you MUST absolutely ignore everything you know and/or think you’ve learned about scheduling when traveling with a baby. Let me explain.

Each summer we gather at my in-laws for a week in June. This is about a 6 hour car trip. I used to be able to complete a full day’s work, get home and have the car packed within the hour, and drive the entire thing on a Friday night. Enter babe.

We left the house around 7pm which was EPIC! It is so hard to do anything when watching Hannah, so considering we hadn’t even finished with packing the suitcases and making sure to gather all the necessities for baby, it was kind of an awesome start. She slept like a dream the entire trip. The transition to travel crib went as smoothly as could be expected and she slept in to a decent hour in the morning. Excellent. It took a couple of days for her to get used to her new sleeping arrangements and she cried longer than usual, but she always eventually settled and everything was fine.

Until Thursday.

We arrived on Friday late night slash Saturday early morning.By Monday, Hannah was pretty well worked out. Thursday, it all went to crap. She woke up Wednesday night around 3, but we were able to get her settled in about 30 minutes. Thursday however, when she woke up in the middle of the night, we were unable to settle her. We sang, she shrieked. We gently vibrated her crib. She wailed. We gave in and picked her up to sway with her, she would not relent. She screamed when we tried bouncing and rocking. I had been drinking on the porch with the boys, so I didn’t want to nurse her, but nothing else would work. Finally, we gave in and made her a bottle which she downed in short order. And then demanded more. Very loudly. So she slept in the bed with us. 😦

Friday, we headed 2 hours up the road for a weekend in the mountains on our way home. We had such success with leaving at 7 the week before so we aimed for a 7pm departure again. We did not have any success this time. She would not settle in her seat. When she finally slept, she only slept for about 30 minutes before she woke up angrily. Then she fell asleep hard just before we pulled into our destination. Once we got her to the room, she awoke happily and cheerfully, and stayed that way until almost 1 in the morning. And then woke up at 6. Are you kidding me kid???

I’m sad to say we leave tomorrow. We’ve got a 5 hour drive ahead of us and we must check out by 10. I don’t know how she will handle the drive, but I doubt she’ll be super happy about it. Then again, neither will her dad.

I’m not excited to get back to the grind for my own sake, but I will be glad to get back for hers. She’s a trooper, but you can tell she’s out of sorts. Other than the car and those 2 nights of horrific sleeping, she has been pretty awesome travel wise. She shows some hesitancy with new environments, but it doesn’t take her long to take over and make it hers. She dominates. But her nap times are all wonky .Her feedings are getting messed up. And we’ve already talked about her nighttime sleeps. Poor thing.

I’ll be sure to talk more about the actual trip and not just the drives. But for now, I’m exhusted and need to get some rest before the long drive tomorrow.

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