That title eh? Bet you can’t wait to read everything my stupid little fingers can type.

I can’t break 170. I don’t know what the problem is. It is the weird cycle of losing 2 pounds, then gaining half a pound, then losing .2 pounds (what the even heck) and gaining 1.5 pounds before losing 1 pound. It’s the stupidest roller coaster of weight loss ever. So I’ve started up something I thought I would never ever do again. I’m jogging.

Weeeeeeeellllll. Jogging is kind of exaggerating. I’m more sprinting for about 500 feet, and then jogging slower than I can walk before I just give in and walk fast for a few minutes, then wait for that car to pass or that person to look the other way before I start jogging again so I can be all like “dude, I was totally jogging that whole time”. I hate this so very much.

I am really bad at long distance running. Something about the epic journeyness of it just makes me dread every second. Plus, I’m not exactly what you’d call the world’s smoothest or most attractive runner. I turn beat red almost instantly, I can’t breathe, I have a pretty consistent stitch in my left side so the whole clutching at my chest thing probably isn’t invoking much confidence in my ability to stay alive. I am given a wide berth.

I don’t like running for the sake of running. If I’m gonna run, let it be toward a ball that needs kicking, or a player that needs tackling, or perhaps chasing a dog that escaped (Virgil I’m looking at you). But running just to say “look! I was over there, and now I’m over here. And I got here sorta fast but could probably have gotten here faster if I just did what normal people do and WALKED.” Lamest sauce. I don’t even understand how I have marathon running siblings.

I have a Dr. appointment Friday. Finally. I got checked a lot when I was pregnant and dang near constantly for 3 days after Hannah was born so I rationalized that I didn’t need to go to a GP until she was at least a year old right? Right? But then this silly weight thing and stupid genetics and I have Summer Sisters looming over me, so I started walgging and and am going to have my thyroid checked.

Oh yeah, and I started going back to yoga too. That feels really nice. 1 hour on Saturday mornings for me to stretch and bend and retrain my body.  I am surprised at my strength. I can still hold poses for a really long time without tiring. This past weekend I could even do side plank, something I don’t think I could do before I got pregnant. I guess lugging around a twenty pound human does something for the arms and legs. My trunk or core, however, could use a lot of work.

Of course, I am not so surprised at my inflexibility. I had to work hard at that the first time around, I expect I’ll have similar difficulties this go round. I can’t fold my legs into the correct sitting positions anymore, I hold a lot of tension in my back so I don’t twist very well. Even getting the soles of my feet to touch while I am sitting up is pretty difficult. That said, I can do down dog with my heels actually touching the floor. I am sure that I could push further, make it prettier, but by golly my heels are on the floor and I consider that a bloomin miracle.

So that’s the update on some things exercisery. Thrilling. Hopefully the Dr. will tell me my thyroid just needs a massage and a margarita and then all the extra pounds will sluff right off. Yeah right.


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