I considered myself an ova lacto vegetarian for almost 15 years. I ate cheese and other milk products. I ate eggs. I also ate tuna from a can. Not like actual good tuna steaks. I didn’t eat other type of fish, just canned tuna like a boss.

I was never a vegetarian for any really good reasons. Like, I wasn’t trying to save all the animals, I didn’t have any fueled hatred toward meat eaters, meat makers, I wasn’t part of any animal rights groups. I had just made a dietary choice and stuck with it like the stubborn mule I am.

And then I got pregnant.

It’s been over a year now since I started eating meat again. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about whether or not I’ll go back to being a vegetarian and for the most part, I still don’t know. I suspect in the end, I’ll end up with a modified meat diet, selecting vegetarian choices when they’re available but not going out of my way to avoid meat. I was never very healthy on my vegetarian diet, so I think I’ll end up trying to focus more on that. Being healthy, everything in moderation.

The funny thing is, my daughter is a total vegetable hound! I totally thought she would have gone for fruits first. We started her on banana which she basically ate because we made her. We tried apples which she would only eat if you hid them in her cereal. Ditto pear. I was hesitant to offer vegetables if this is the way she was treating fruits, but boy did she gobble up some sweet potato. I quickly ran out of carrots as well. I wondered if it was just orange food or if she really likes vegetables, so I offered green beans next and she devoured those too. She turns up her nose at chicken and prunes, but give her some veggies and she’s a happy camper.


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