Inspire Me

The sun is poking it’s blazing hot fingers in my face and bringing up my spirits. I hope this trend continues.

Hannah continues to grow more obnoxiously amazing all the time. She’s crawling. But she really only likes to crawl to something so she can pull up on it. (Or if it is a cord of some sort. Power cords, mouse cords, the more expensive the equipment it’s attached to the better in her brain.) She walks along the furniture. The cutest thing (in a vaguely annoying way) is when she’ll get stuck standing and can’t figure out what to do. She has a square toy that she has to stand up against to bang on . We have it close to the couch so she is encouraged to walk around it, which she will do, but sometimes she gets stuck on the side opposite the couch. And then she stands there with one hand on the toy, one hand out in space; her stance very similar to a surfer on the wave. She wobbles, shrieking, as she lets her legs bend the teeniest bit further before she hits the point of no return and gravity takes her bottom smack onto the floor a whopping 10 inches away. She looks stunned for a few seconds before she is distracted by something she needs to put in her mouth. It’s adorable, but also loud. Very Very Loud.

With her growth and independence comes some freedom for her father and me. I can put her on the floor in the kitchen and run around gathering garbage to take out and she will happily plod around pushing chairs and banging anything we’ve let fall to the ground (banging is totally her MO right now) (as are parentheses for me apparently). We obviously don’t leave her for long, she is quick and we haven’t exactly baby proofed EVERYTHING, but I don’t have to carry her with me. I can also set her on the front stoop while I pot a few plants. Or let her nap in the pack-n-play while we quickly complete little chores that are no big deal, but are just so hard to do with her awake. She may have gained some independence, but she’s still only 6 months old and there is sooooooooooooo nothing fun about mom and dad doing dishes.

The yard maintenance, though somewhat cumbersome, is helping immensely with my mood. I really enjoy being outdoors in the sunshine. The monotony is so appealing right now. I wish I could quit my job and join a landscaping company or something, manual labor outside. If Hannah would let me, I would spend the entire day picking up sticks, raking leaves, mowing, picking weeds, planting, watering…I just love all of it. We started potting plants and annuals to spruce up our front porch and the window boxes in the shed. We priced patio furniture so we can entertain guests on what was the major selling point of the house for me, the screened in back porch. I didn’t think I would look forward to this summer, but I do. I am anxious for it.



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