Holy Mother Flippin Vacation Dudes

I cannot even deal with work right now. My anxiety over human person and the keeping alive of is bleeding into total panic about EVERYTHING! I understand this is irrational. I understand that I have no control over what is happening AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

STAGE MANAGER. PROJECT MANAGER. I AM SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO MANAGE CRAP. I can’t even manage the thought of packing a car and driving right now.

It’s going to be fine. What does fine even mean anyway?

I think Walmart and I are going to be super friends this weekend. Which super sucks. Because also MONEY and the NOT HAVING OF ANY is also stressing me the hell out.

“Remember that time when we just had our first baby and you were super crazy and super stressed about nothing at all? What a weird time that was!”


Also yay wedding!!!!


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