Coming and Going

The in-laws were here for a visit.

In a rare turn of events, Shelby actually answered his mother’s texts! She pestered and pestered saying how much she loved Hannah and wished she could hold her again and how she missed her so much and didn’t think she could wait until our scheduled visit in April. Shelby responded that she was welcome to come over anytime. We had talked about this before of course, now that we have a tiny child, we expect more visitors and while she is super tiny, we want and appreciate all the help we can get. We did not, however, talk about this specific textual exchange.

Imagine my surprise when I get the date confirmation text from his mother (she knows better than to send that stuff to him anymore). We’ll be there March 7th – 18th!

“Uh, was that meant for us? You’re coming here?”


Honey, did you have something you want to tell me?

And they were incredibly helpful on their visit. Like, to the point that I feel kinda bad about how much we let them do. But there was no telling them otherwise. My 80 something FIL was out almost every day raking/blowing our lawn (lawn is a strong word). My rapidly approaching 80 MIL was on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor and washing laundry almost daily. We helped where we could of course. But part of the reason these things haven’t been done is because we don’t have the time to do them. We would gladly have let them hold Hannah and boss us around, which they did their fair share of also. And I think they enjoyed their time with her, but she was definitely more of a pistol this visit now that her little personality is cropping out.

They left this morning, after washing another load of laundry, making sure all the dishes were done, and hanging the coat rack back up. And so we are on our own again. But not for long.

In an effort to help me feel more better about life in general, Shelby recommended me to a friend of his who was looking for a stage manager to run a one weekend production (I would be required to start tech week and then run through a Sunday matinee). He told me he was doing it, and told me I should accept and that we would be able to work his schedule around for childcare purposes. And then we got the schedules. We were able to work around basically 3 of the conflicts leaving 5 evenings where we had double booked ourselves. It would be tricky, but we thought we could make something work. It would require a lot of favors, and trying to actually navigate the “help us out” vs “hiring a babysitter” and what kind of compensation would that be and would it be worth it for me to do this thing if we were just going to spend all the money on childcare.


It was a risky call; my sister’s wedding is coming up and who knows what last minute things still need my parents’ attention, they travel a lot in their retirement, routine eye and dental and foot appointments can be tricky to navigate. Last minute notices are not best case scenario. But it totally worked out this time. And my mom is coming to dig us out of the hole!

The weather is super awesome and Hannah loves the back porch (it’s a new place she hasn’t gotten to see much of yet). The house is pretty well put together. So unless she wants to rake leaves (totally not necessary), this should be a little more of a vacation than the last time she was here. Except Hannah is much more squirmy than she was as a newborn. And she sleeps less. And can’t walk by herself yet. So maybe don’t forget your Aleve mom. 😉



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