Tornado Craziness

Holy Crow you guys.

My sis in NOLA sent us a round of texts on Tuesday evening. Tornado watches and warnings and heavy rains and whipping winds. Wow! we all exclaimed. I can’t even imagine! Be so safe! Keep us updated.

And then the storm crept it’s way up the country and I didn’t have to imagine anymore, I was right in the thick of it.

I heard talk around the office. The sky was pretty grey and there were little pockets of rain on my morning commute but nothing too severe. And then the skies totally cleared up and were bright blue by lunchtime. But the weather was still predicted to turn ugly by 3pm.

Someone else in the office threw up a red flag to my boss who sits in a different state. My boss reached out to me to try and confirm what was happening. I gave her the information I had which was essentially that the county was under tornado watch for another 9 hours. She suggested I leave and work from home. I almost didn’t. Like I say, it was pretty bright and clear. But I was texting home and not getting any response. And the predictions were still holding steady that the bulk of the storm would hit right at the evening commute and even if it wasn’t tornadoes, they were still showing sever thunderstorms. And so I took the opportunity to work the afternoon from home.

At first I felt a little silly. But I could feed Hannah and work on some busy work without office distraction. I set myself up in the guest bedroom upstairs and once again had an office window. 🙂

But then the wind started to pick-up a little bit. And then an alert came blaring through on my phone. Tornado warning, take cover NOW!!! Of course our new house doesn’t really have a good place to hide out. All of our rooms have windows. We have one interior closet that might hold one adult and the baby, maybe. So I just opened most of the blinds and tried to keep an ear out for the sounds of trains.

And then in a super creepy turn of events, the sky turned suddenly dark. Like movie special effects dark. Like Ghostbusters dark. And buckets of rain started to fall. And sheets of rain were whipping the trees. Trees that were now shedding lots of branches into our yard. And constant rolling thunder had me totally freaking out (until I realized that the sound of trains that tornadoes are known for are actually train whistles and not the thunderous wheels on track) and lightning strikes.

And then, just like that, the birds were chirping and the sky was bright again. What the heck weather.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to soothe the baby who is getting increasingly fussy while her dad takes a shower, trying to keep up with IMs from several people trying to find a missing package, trying to respond to a colleague who has zero patience, and trying to get into my email that has been busted most of the day.

And then the second tornado warning alert came through and the sky went black again. IMs are pinging off my computer. Hannah is crying. And I hear a super loud noise outside. So while trying to keep the feeding baby as far away from the window as I can while trying to look out the window to see if impending doom is on it’s way, I noticed that the big loud noise was a big piece of tree that fell and hit the roof on it’s way down taking a chunk of something with it. It continued to drizzle most of the evening and I didn’t note any water damage, but I haven’t had the chance to thoroughly investigate.

Dude. I could do with a little less excitement in 2016.


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