I am slightly embarrassed to write this post, but it has been sitting with me for days so here it goes.

I enjoy a wide variety of music. The only real no-go for me is modern country. I have to say modern because Shelby has gotten me hooked on folks like Emmy Lou Harris and The Band which he insists is country but I maintain is somewhere between Bluegrass and Rock (depending on the track). But I am no expert and have no idea how to categorize most music beyond heard it on the rock station or heard it on the popular music station or will likely never be played on the radio because it is either Barbershop Harmony or from a musical. 

That said,  I have a tendency toward the Classic Rock stations. I gravitate towards bands like Bad Company or AC/DC. I had a radio station I listened to religiously until that radio station changed. I’m not sure what the motivation was, but it went from a Classic Rock station to a “never know what you’re gonna get” station. They’ll play California Dreamin followed by California Girls. We’ll get some Ozzy Osbourne right after a song by Alanis Morissette. I have heard the Funky Cold Medina more times in the last month than in the rest of my entire life. It’s very weird and sometimes hard to take in the morning. I have another Classic Rock station that I change over to, but it often has talking (OMG talking!) and lots of commercials in the morning. So in flipping stations on my much longer morning commute, I have found myself on the popular music station a lot lately.

This is a big lead-up just to say that weirdly, I enjoy the new Justin Bieber song “Love Yourself”. And I take it more personally than I should. Help me guys, a JB song is SPEAKING TO ME.

I think the song is cheeky. I like that it’s simple and easy to sing along with. I think it’s interesting that it actually feels like a song about his life interactions (“all the clubs you get in using my name”) rather than pretending he’s a regular kid. The line that’s cutting me though: My mamma don’t like you and she likes everyone. The more I hear this song, the more I realize how negative I am. If Hannah had written this song, it might go something more like; My mamma don’t like you but that’s not really a surprise. I need to work on that.

So there you have it. I like a Bieber song. Truth be told, I actually kinda like Bieber himself, the very limited knowledge I have about him anyway. I don’t do tabloids, I don’t pay attention to things like the Grammy’s or gossip shows or even genuine talk shows. I get my information solely from snippets on the radio or stories that have gotten big enough that they’ve made it into conversation. Things like the controversy over his visit to the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam. Or the mug shot that looked shockingly similar to Miley Cyrus’ mug shot. I like the way he’s willing to make fun of himself in the new Zoolander movie. And I kinda like the fact that he’s kind of a tool but with his heart in what seems to be the right place. He’s a twenty something guy. I rest my case.

And with that, I will go hide under a rock for a few days and resurface to discuss my love of the 21 Pilots song “Stressed Out”. *SMH*


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