Y’all know how the cable company is right? You give dem an inch and dey swim all over you. When Shelby moved into the townhouse, I did not have cable or internet. If he wanted it, he could contact whoever and get it set up. This was as much so that I didn’t have to deal with it as it was to improve his credit by having charges in his name (that were paid consistently and timely). When it came time for us to move, I put him in charge of switching our connections to the new house.

When we left the townhouse, we had high speed internet. Period. By the time we moved into the new house, we had high speed internet, cable, DVR, and a home phone line all at the same cost we previously paid for internet alone. So far, the price has not increased, but I hold my breath with every bill knowing that it will suddenly double one day.

That said, I have no idea how cable works anymore. Have they stopped airing shows at particular times that folks are supposed to tune into week to week? Cuz as far as I can tell, you have the CSI/Criminal Minds/Castle channel, the Pawn Starts channel, a channel for Modern Family and Big Bang Theory, and then other channels of miscellaneous garbage that play back to back to back to back to back (you get the idea) episodes all day. Although we did figure out that Jeopardy plays at 7pm. Are they real episodes? Reruns? how does anyone even know what happened on *insert crappy tv show title* last night if you can’t tell what is new and what is repeat?

I don’t even know why this is a thing for me today. It just feels like a thing. Like Cable as Netflix without the ability to pick the episodes or start from the beginning. What is up cable? What is even up?


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