Snow Day

It has snowed several times a year EVERY year for the last several years. And yet, we continue to be super ill-equipped to handle it. It sorta suited me just fine this time.

Our new house has sort of a long, steep driveway. We do not have a garage.

Our new house now has sort of a long, steep ski-jump into a short bank of fluffy snow covered with ice. It was fun Saturday and Sunday, but a little obnoxious on Monday.

I was stuck, I couldn’t get either of our cars out of the drive. After a relatively warm Sunday afternoon, I had hoped the ice would be soft enough that I could get Shelby’s car (which was already sitting in contact with the concrete) up the hill, but no dice. Monday it took 4 hours, approximately 3 zillion pots of boiling water, 2 hoses, and a very sweet neighbor before we were finally able to get one of our cars up to the street. I definitely need a snow shovel.

In the meantime, I got to spend some quality time with my family. And introduce Hannah to snow. (Titanic anyone?)

Hannah Snow


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