She Rolls Over

Crap. She’s mobile.

10 weeks old. 11 weeks this Wednesday. We thought we’d have more time.

She can only roll back to front. She hasn’t figured out how to get off her tummy yet, her little arm gets in the way. Her impression of tummy time, however, has not improved. That’s the story of life kid, get used to it. You can either do the thing you like and suffer the consequences, or you can avoid the thing you like and be just fine if not a little bored. See me again when you’re 21.

She also “stands”. She is really good at dealing with her head, she can keep really good track of it for the most part now but she sucks at sitting up by herself and so hates to be in the seated position. When she’s on her back, you can grab her hands and help guide her, but she will grip and pull and adamantly NOT BEND in the middle so that she is soon wobbling on two feet, looking around with a jiggly head at all our living room has to offer. Her face is squinched tightly in concentration until you can get her to make eye contact. Then her face takes on whatever emotion you’re displaying on your face. If you have a look of surprise, she’ll raise her little eyebrows and her mouth will form a wide O. If you smile, she’ll flash you the biggest toothless grin this side of 90.

She plays peek-a-boo. She’ll let you hide her face and then smiles when you pull back the blanket/diaper rag/wash cloth. You don’t even have to say the words. She also does it herself, hides behind her hand and then flings her arms open.

Her motor control continues to improve. She kicks, kicks off things, and grabs her feet. She can move her head to look in the direction of talking/sneezing/food. She reaches and grabs, though sometimes she misses wildly first. There are things she still can’t do, like get her hand directly to her mouth. She usually punches herself in the ear first. But then she gets her hands together and uses one to push the other halfway down her throat and then gags, coughs, and grins. She is one happy baby.

If she starts to get upset about something, you can usually turn it around with a smile of your own. She doesn’t listen to soothing voices, she doesn’t take comfort in tight hugs, she requires distraction and direct eye contact. Distract her by showing her a book, using her body to do curl ups, or grab her feet and tickle her toes. Then get her to look at you and smile at her and she’ll usually forget whatever upset her and smile right back.

She let’s anybody and everybody hold her. She doesn’t fuss about it unless she’s already fussy. She’ll share her positivity and spit-up with anyone willing to hold her and bounce her. She likes swinging, bouncing, and flying but NOT dancing. She’s learning to like baths but still hates being wet. She thinks her dad is fascinating.

She’s curious but content. Opinionated but pleasant. Adaptable. Comfortable. Ludicrously cute. And growing up way too fast.



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