I Have Survived, Am Surviving

I had my first official review with a new boss in a new position for a new company. The process was very different than I am used to, and since my boss sits in another state, the process was handled remotely which was a little weird. But I survived. Want to know the best part? She listed one of my key strengths (the first key strength she listed btdubs) as being that I work well with others. I am pleasant and approachable and folks are excited when they hear that I may be assigned to help with something on their project. TAKE THAT HR!

But anyway.

We had a tenant carrot dangled in our faces only to have it completely disappear. We got an email from the property manager asking if we were negotiable on the rent price for our townhouse. We responded that we were. And then nothing. Boo. But at least it’s being shown?

We have a unique issue which I am hopeful will go away soon, one way or another. We (and by we I mean a contractor friend of ours) installed an over the range microwave where an over the range  microwave had not previously been. So if we have the front porch light on in addition to the kitchen and Christmas tree lights, we trip a circuit every time we microwave something. So that’s stupid. Either the issue will resolve itself when we no longer have 45 strings of lights plugged in (which will be any day now, surely) or the contractor friend will be coming over to fix it. More on this riveting story in the future.

The baby is adorable as ever. She is sleeping through the night mostly. More often than not, she “naps” sometime between 7 and 10p. These “naps” are generally just milk-drunk dozes for 30 – 40 minutes before she wakes up gassy and ready to eat again. I take her upstairs around 10 or 10:30 and get her settled for the final feed and put her to sleep at around 10:30 or 11. More often than not, she then sleeps until my alarm wakes us up at 6am (what the crap job, 6am?). Occasionally, she might wake up at 5:30a or as early as 4, but these are becoming more rare. I think she would actually sleep longer if I didn’t have to feed her. This would be freakin amazing IF I actually slept that well as well. But I don’t. Cuz, I don’t know, stuff?

Last night was better, I only woke up twice; once at 1am and again at 4. I went to bed stressed that the dishwasher wasn’t going to get started and so all the bottles and pump parts wouldn’t be cleaned and then I would literally explode or dry up today at work and so that’s why I woke up at 1 (I’m assuming). I went down and loaded the dishwasher myself and started it and went back upstairs to try and settle down. I don’t know why I woke up at 4. Full funbags I guess? I usually pump once at night to keep up my supply and have a little extra for Hannah who is a total milk monster during the day. I decided not to pump this time though. It was close enough to our wake up time, we had a late night, and I just didn’t feel like it so there. But I was still up so I went down and unloaded the dishwasher and packed all my pump parts and filled the bottles for Hannah’s lunch etc today. Yay for middle of the night chores!

But also, I have a blocked duct. Or possibly mastitis. Or maybe thrush. But definitely something. My right bewb is not OK. I’ve been trying all of the recommendations to fix it naturally (offering it first, offering it second, offering when she’s drowsy, offering when she’s fully awake, rotating nursing positions, laying her on the floor and feeding from overhead, pumping more, pumping less, pumping first and then offering) but so far I think all I’ve done is move the pain around rather than fix the underlying problem. She and I have had trouble with this side since she was born. I’ve had a change in benefits but do not have benefit cards or anything yet, and I’m still secretly hoping that if I hold out just a little longer, everything will magic itself, so I haven’t scheduled an appointment to have it checked out. I don’t even know who I would do that with. The midwives? My GP who I haven’t seen since May 2014? The pediatrician in case it’s thrush?

And speaking of May 2014, that’s about the last time I had my eyes checked and clearly my prescription has changed. Sounds about right for the last official dental cleaning and haircut as well. Guess I should take a day off for basic human wellness and personal hygiene but that seems exhausting. We’ve just gotten the hang of showering daily.

Ug. Here is her cuteness being all little and cute. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz.

Sleeping Beauty

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