Oh the Agony

Company 1 is a global leader in service z with a small division specializing in service y. Company 2 is a global leader in service y with a small division specializing in service z. Company 1 bought Company 2. This turned out to be more of a merger in which Company 2 is absorbing service y from Company 1. I work for the service y division of Company 1.

Everything’s messed up.

As you would expect, most people in my division are messed up. Firewalls and protection filters and server issues plague all of our access. But add in that half of the change over occurred while I was on leave and I get a whole unique brand of messed up. The past 12 days have been very bizarre.

As part of the transition, our company email addresses changed. This required some sort of conversion in the way we log in to Outlook or the way Outlook is presented or whatever. Most people had a hiccup, a glitch, but after a quick “plug-in” or something (I will never be accused of understanding the logistics of IT) everything went from one Outlook to the other. I, however, was dropped from any standing appointments on my calendar. I have no invites to group meetings, training calls, 1 on 1 conversations with my boss… With 2016 just starting, there have been a lot of these type situations in the last several days. A lot of these type situations that I have been late to. Or have not shown up to at all. Because I have been dropped off the planet as far as Outlook is concerned.

My boss has been very forgiving, knowing that I am still sorting through individual issues as they crop up that the rest of the team handled as a group 2 months ago. But it still feels super crappy. And feels like I should have a better handle on things when even the ditziest of colleagues can explain stuff to me. Not starting 2016 with the snuggliest of feelings.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Fresh year. Fresh perspective. Breathe in. Breathe out. I’m not in trouble. Breathe in. Breathe out. Remember Hannah. Smile for her. Ahhhhhh. 

And that is how having a kid is making my life LESS stressful, if you can even believe it.


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