Twas the Night Before Christmas

And all through the house

the cockroaches were stirring

frightening my spouse

It is stupid warm outside. It is supposed to hit 80 today. It is also stupid rainy. We had a flash flood warning yesterday. I don’t want to say we had a cockroach problem when we moved in. We definitely saw a few, but they were mostly dead (or at least on their backs flailing their legs) by the time we saw them. But in the last two days, I have seen an uptick in the unwanted buggers just freely roaming about the place.

We live in a heavily treed neighborhood. We have all of the leaves in our yard. Every time we went out to blow and suck and mulch or burn the leaves, it would start to rain or it would be dark or it will be reeeeeeeeeally late at night (having a baby really screwed up our daytime/nighttime reality for a while). I’m thinking leaves + rain = roaches unhappy outside and desirous of dry indoor time. Me no likey.

It doesn’t help that these roaches are fully grown and seemingly enormous. It also doesn’t help that Shelby is legit terrified of cockroaches. Insomniac husband, nursing newborn, cockroach rodeo; I am one tired momma up all night either rescuing my husband and/or his belongings or trying to ignore that roach I just saw duck into the closet while I feed Hannah. Merry freakin Christmas.

In other not so merry news, we’ve had very little movement on the townhouse. I recognize that it is the worst time of year to be listing a home, but I had hoped for a little more activity. We decided to take a stab at renting the house out in the hopes that we can sell it for more in the future, or we can keep it as a property investment that will one day benefit us financially. We’ve had one person view it but she was apparently looking for something bigger. There have been a few more inquiries, but nothing that has lead to an appointment. We had the carpet replaced, attempted to have it professionally cleaned (but ended up having my mother do most of it cuz the cleaning service was AWFUL) and had the entire inside repainted. It’s a nice place. Come live in my house!

Grinchiness aside, I am looking forward to Christmas tomorrow. Since Hannah is too little to know what’s going on, the pressure to take a hard line on traditions is off. We can just hang out and do whatever and fight about toys and Christmas stockings and sweet rolls next year.

Merry Christmas to all!



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