Birth Story P1- Not Too Graphic

October 26th came and went. October 30th brought my sister and parents for a pre-planned visit. November 2nd came and with it went my sister and father, and still no baby. In the meantime, something else was brewing.

Some amount of weeks into my third trimester, I started getting itchy. It was pretty mild at first and could easily be explained away. The weather was turning so maybe my skin was drier. It was the first time in a billion months that I had been wearing socks and shoes so that could be why my feet are so itchy. I mentioned it to one of the midwives at a routine appointment and she agreed that it was probably nothing to worry about.

Until it was something to worry about.

The itching got worse and harder to explain. It was horrible later in the evening, unbearable by bedtime. It finally escalated to the point where my husband started researching online without my provocation. The search results made him nervous. In turn, everyone in the family started getting nervous. So at my 41 weeks prenatal routine appointment, I brought it up again. This time, with itchy palms and broken skin to prove that it wasn’t just the dry air. Blood was drawn and an ultrasound was initiated to check for indications of fetal distress. Though none were present, the doctor wanted to be absolutely sure so scheduled me for a more thorough check the following day. Shelby and I went in Tuesday morning and were promptly informed that we would not be having a more thorough check. The blood results were in. I was diagnosed with Cholestasis of Pregnancy. In just a few short hours, we would be heading to the hospital for the midwives to induce labor for the safety of the baby. Equal parts Praise All That is Holy and WTF???

We stalled, a lot. We went to lunch (at the suggestion of the doctor). We went to the theatre so Shelby could wrap some stuff up. We went home and doodled. And then we drove to the hospital to get checked in.



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