Anything Else?

Tic Toc.

Tic Toc.

A watched pot never boils.

Here are the things I have done over the last few days in an effort to “forget” that I haven’t had even a sniff of labor yet.

  1. Finished building the crib
  2. Started and then finished building the changing table
  3. Screwed down the support boards for the guest bed
  4. Made the guest bed, decided the sheets were hideous against the wall color in the new house and let my husband loose on the internet to find a suitable sheet set
  5. Dug out our Dr. Scholl’s foot bath and peppermint scented Epsom salts and soaked my super itchy feet
  6. Attempted to make a decision on hooking up the “entertainment studio”, got discouraged and stayed on the couch watching back to back episodes of The Simpsons and Cops
  7. Read some of a book
  8. Made a marinade for Shelby’s flank steak
  9. Upped my regimen from one long walk per day to one long walk per day and at least two short ones
  10. Googled and read approximately 80 trillion birth stories, natural labor inducing techniques, and pregnancy/labor & delivery blogs
  11. Drank all of the water
  12. Very little work, very little
  13. Sorta kinda got an estimate for fixing the walkway out front – no one can really understand what this guy is saying
  14. Much internet window shopping for everything from odds and ends (shower caddies etc) to new appliances and light fixtures

Here are the things that haven’t yet been done that could still use our attention prior to the baby’s arrival.

  1. Install the carseat (holy crap just put the thing in the car already!)
  2. Visit the surplus warehouse and get us some free seating arrangements before the company comes
  3. Sort the baby clothes and accouterments and wash & store them
  4. Make a dang decision about the X-box set-up and then just do it
  5. Get everything out of the townhouse, get the shelves off the walls, get moved out
  6. Get the rest of our stuff from Beth (including the guest towels, pillows, and fall/winter clothes/coats)

I mean, I guess technically we should clean and straighten up the new house and such, but the kid is just gonna explode all over that anyway, and we’re still moving in. I’m having a hard enough time finding where Shoobs has “hidden” things without inviting him to hide more. We took a pretty expensive trip to Costco to stock up on stuff for our inevitable guests that we are now in a frenzy to eat before it goes bad (fruit etc).

Speaking of the husband, Shelby has been dutifully grocery shopping, cooking, and freezing food for us. Not surprisingly, the kitchen is pretty well established at this point. The drawers and cabinets have been filled, the fridge organized and reorganized, the pantry and spice unit all sorted. He still chips away at boxes every day and has done a remarkable job keeping up with laundry and dishes. He even put some of our plants around to make the house feel more homey. It’s so fun to walk into the house after work and see what has changed or been updated. Especially because I am so over everything that all I want to do is find a comfortable place (way easier said than done) and just melt away there until this very stubborn child relents to be born.


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