Stressed OUT!!!

There is too much. There is simply too much. I handled it fairly well up to now, but then I left the office for another prenatal appointment and am now on complete shut-down. Does not compute.

I have a job. Though I have informed my bosses and HR team that I intend to, nay NEED to, return to my job after my disability is expired, I get the sense they are hesitant to trust. Which I totally understand, especially since someone else just proclaimed the same and then handed in her resignation letter the day she left for disability. And I also understand that I have a lot of things going on that I have “owned” that will not stop while I am out. Trust me when I say I come at this rant/mental breakdown from a place of complete and utter understanding.

I have had no less than 12 individual appointments in the past 3 days, not including personal appointments like the Dr and the Closing. Each of these appointments has requested a follow-up appointment. Each of these has generated a bajillion (no exaggeration) email exchanges. It is getting hard to keep up and even harder to care. Add to that that I have made myself the primary contact for all things housing (because I can’t not be in control) and you inevitably come up with a scenario like today…

I was on a conference call on my land line. Someone on the call was IMing me about something unrelated (so clearly we were both paying very good attention). Then I got a call on my cell phone that the movers would like to come early. Probably not a problem, but I was tied up on the other call and couldn’t confirm with Shelby who is actually the one at the house trying to get it together for the movers to come “on time”. So I redirected them to contact him. Then he texts that he can’t get the bed apart because he can’t find the right screwdriver which admittedly I did move this morning because I CAN’T STOP PACKING EVER! 

And then I left the office for an hour. And took a few deep breaths. And when I came back in, I absolutely couldn’t care less about whether or not sample X is on the list of 164 other samples we have received, or what date the sample should be expected to come in, or when the other 164 can be sent back out, or when the last batch of samples was sent (if ever). I don’t care about CCFs and CAPAs and transition checklists. I would prefer to go to my new home, which in my sitcom brain is completely perfect and organized/unpacked with dinner and roses waiting in our new kitchen, sit my lean body down on the couch with a glass of wine and watch the fire crackle in the fireplace while the baby coos lightly in the corner.



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