Well That Was Easy

And so begins the Shemanda Empire. We officially own two houses. And for now, while we still only have one set of bills, we are having fun with it.

We met at the new house for a quick walk through with the realtor. It was kinda neat, but kinda surreal. Shelby has been back for various inspections and such, but I have not been to the house since we first viewed it the Friday before Labor Day. It was essentially as I remembered it, but this walk-thru I was looking with a more critical eye.

They moved across country. Movers don’t move flammable liquids or hazardous materials and I’m not sure how they decided to transport themselves there, but they left us a TON of cleaning products. Toilet cleaner, laundry detergent, oven cleaner, even rubber gloves. There are some random closet doors inside the coat closet and a huge obnoxious lamp in guest bedroom, but they also left us the hose and hose caddy, a garden bench, and another island with two stools. I was running late, so I didn’t get to remind myself of the status upstairs, but I’m sure nothing is too different.

After the walk-thru, we drove to the lawyer’s office to go through the closing paperwork. It took about 1/2 hour. Maybe 45 minutes. Everything was signed, jokes were made about my middle name and Shelby’s first name, I handed over one of the largest checks ever and due to a last minute adjustment, one of the smallest checks ever, and then we were on our way.

Side note, even though the actual closing didn’t take long, the closing plus walk-thru plus driving to both locations meant that it had been a while since this preggo had seen the inside of a restroom. We left the offices of the second floor and luckily, there was a bathroom right outside the door! Locked. Totally had one of those handles that has the punch buttons that you have to punch in the correct order to make the lock function. The men’s room directly across the water fountain didn’t seem to have the same handle. Fail. So I decided no big deal, I can wait til I get home. But there was another restroom right around the corner from the elevators so I tried again. Another female handle with the punch lock with the men’s room completely open! “Why don’t they want women to use the bathroom?!” Some guy I assumed to be a building custodian of some sort took pity on me and gave me the code to get in, but still, very very weird. What shenanigans are ladies getting up to in the bathrooms that the public are not allowed to use them?

Step one complete, closing has passed and the baby did not mess it up so that is awesome. Shelby is going to move some stuff over to the new house today, plants mostly. We finally separated ourselves from the couch that shall not be named and it is sitting on the curb waiting to be carted off to couch heaven. That’s one thing I’ll miss about living in the city limits, leaving bulk items at the curb for free dump pick-up rather than paying to take it to the dump yourself, but such is life. The movers come tomorrow to move the majority of the rest of our stuff. I addressed the carpet debacle yesterday and got a much more reasonable deal on a new carpet install so that has been paid for. Now we wait for the carpet to be cut which prompts the installation team to schedule the install. Everything takes a little longer than anticipated, but whatever, it will get done. And if it doesn’t get done before baby no name comes, then it will give me something other than diapers and breast milk to focus on for my sanity.

We’re still taking it day to day. Today is Tuesday, allegedly my last Tuesday as a pregnant lady. Also known as the quiet Tuesday before the weekend of theatre juggling. Tech Wednesday, fundraiser Thursday, retech for production Friday that runs through the weekend, and then a reset for 3 improv groups the following week. Wish us luck for the rest of the month!


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