Say What?!

Our house echos.

I have been doing some hard core packing this weekend. The downstairs bathroom is completely done. The front room is devoid of any wall hangings. The closets are mostly cleaned out as are the dressers. We have our little individual outfits for the week set aside, but everything else must be packaged up or they won’t move it.

There is still a lot to do. I have to keep reminding myself to take it easy. Slow down. No sense going into labor over all this. There is still time. We close tomorrow but we don’t have to be ready to move until the movers come on Wednesday. It doesn’t have to be finished today. And if things progress babywise, I’m going to have to trust someone else to do it anyway so…might as well leave some for the husband.

We got our quote for the carpet install. Umm. Dude. What?

We chose a Stainmaster carpet and Stainmaster padding because that would make us eligible for a free install. There would, of course, be some additional charges such as haul away of the old carpet and a fee for stairs but those should be minimal.

Excuse me, I don’t know what level of clientele you are used to dealing with, but $2200 does not seem very minimal to me. Our whole house isn’t even a full 1000 sq ft and isn’t totally carpeted, so… When I asked what the “free” covered, it was a $97 labor charge. *Spit take cough cough*

So we will be re-evaluating. I think I have a solution that will get us closer to what we were expecting to pay. We were trying to decide between two carpets and ultimately went with one that was about $.50/sq ft more expensive. We will not be doing that, but will go with the cheaper carpet. We also went with the Stainmaster padding which was slightly more expensive because that made us eligible for the “free” install. I think I’ll pay the $97 to save about $300 thank you very much. I also have a 10% off coupon for moving (thanks Post Office!) which doesn’t work for install, but may work for the total of the carpet and padding. I am going to go in tomorrow looking my most pathetically pregnant with the discount coupon and see if I can’t pull something off. Because dude, our carpet is frightening. And dude, we just simply don’t give a crap what is in the house we no longer intend to live in. And if I can’t score some pregnancy points during this long exhausting process, what good is this baby for? 😉 And we may have bigger problems with the flooring where the dishwasher leaked that is only covered at 10% after the HOI deductible. I HATE YOU TOWNHOUSE!

We are making it day to day. There is no telling when the sun creeps through the window in the morning where we will be or what disaster might befall us until we make it to the end of the day. Shelby is juggling 3 shows with 3 separate techs in his space this week. Trying to manage a show that opens Friday but can only tech Sunday afternoon and a second show that performs Sunday evening but already teched Saturday afternoon. Plus, a fundraiser/benefit performance that techs Wednesday and performs Thursday.

Both of us are silently praying that the baby will come and take away all our responsibilities for the rest of this month. Just let someone else deal with it. Both of us are silently praying that she is comfortable and stays “indoors” until next weekend when the majority of our headaches will be gone. Neither of us our really sure which option most appeals to us. I may have to admit that buying a house this close to having baby #1 may not have been the smartest decision. Good stories round the campfire one day?


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