2015 Not So Halloweeny

I. LOVE. Halloween. Best Holiday EVER! In my humble opinion anyway. Totally trumps Christmas, which is also a great Holiday. But Christmas can get expensive, and stressful, and disappointing very quickly when plans crumble. But Halloween…

I love decorating the house. I love attaching fake spiderwebs (which also happen to make great snowscapes for Christmas y’all, FYI. Buy the heck out of some discount spiderwebs if’n you decorate for Christmas) to just about everything. I love hanging ghosts and bats from the ceiling and setting out the dismembered hand candle holders and letting them drip wax all over the torn up “blood stained” table clothes. I have a purple and black feathered wreath for the front door and Frankenstein washcloths and a Psycho shower curtain and a skull coffee mug (like in the shape of a skull) and poison high ball glasses. There is not a single piece of Halloween kitsch this girl isn’t a huge sucker for and so I buy it all. I send Halloween boxes to the nephews every year. Usually with socks and books and a few glow toys or something, very little candy in my recollection (when this tradition started, the oldest had no teeth). I dutifully buy bags of candy every year knowing that none of it will be handed out. I usually have a theatre event or rehearsal and despite living in a townhouse, very few children wander our community. But we carve pumpkins and line them up our front porch anyway. Intricate designs with real tea lights flickering.

I used to dress up for work before HR. I used to dress up in the evenings and head to parties or parades before I got too tired to start a party or parade at 10pm. Always something evil, dead, or scary as per my childhood stipulation/tradition. My adult costumes have included Professor Snape, a murdered prom queen, a participant of Zombie Prom (I have a coupla fancy dresses, so what?), and a myriad of vampires and poison fairies. I have blood capsules and super sharp fangs that adhere to my actual teeth with wax. Capes, wigs, and a variety of other pieces all have a home in their very own Halloween costume box.

But this year, Halloween is fast approaching and will probably scoot by with nary a nod from me. My Halloween decorations aren’t even in this state, something I did purposefully to ensure that I would concentrate on moving out of the townhouse and not hunkering down for the holidays. I’ll be interested to see what the neighborhood kid situation is in our new neighborhood, though I am pretty sure we will once again not be handing out candy. And while under the scrutiny I have tried not to spend more than absolutely necessary for us to stay alive, thus no Halloween box for the nephews so far this year. (I’m still planning on it though. If timelines cooperate. But it will be smaller than I’d like.)  I will probably (hopefully, OMG please) be a new mom by then, so I guess I’ll have a pretty scary costume (the sleep deprived walking death of a zombie monster complete with tiny alien attachment and NO OWNER’S MANUAL). For obvious reasons, we declined theatre projects this year and that is mildly depressing.

I am expecting company though. So that’s something. I just hope that I have a baby to share because otherwise, Halloween is going to be extra lame, what with no fun Halloween activities planned and me being massively overdue and no doubt super crabby. But we can still have scary movie night thanks to Netflix streaming. I mean, assuming we have the TV, Xbox, internet, and furniture set up to accommodate. I will have wine. I promise there will be pink wine. And tiny bite sized candy. Those things I can guarantee. Glasses to drink out of on the other hand ;).

3 Days to close. 10 days until I’m due.


One thought on “2015 Not So Halloweeny

  1. Caki

    I had no idea you sent the kids a Halloween box. So do I! They are so taken care of for Halloween. Little niece will start getting one too pretty soon.

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