Hello Tuesday

21 Days until closing. 28 days until my due date.

The electrician is coming in today to fix the bathroom light. The appliance company is coming in to fix the dishwasher. Thank goodness for home warranties. I’m kind of secretly hoping the dishwasher will need replaced as I’m pretty sure this is covered under the warranty and a new dishwasher would totally rock right now.

Now, let’s take just a moment to talk about the “service window”. I understand the need to be kind of broad with your appointment schedule. Let’s say something was reported as a simple “The light won’t turn on” but when you get to the job, you realize that the real problem is a whole big thing that may require rewiring the breaker box or replacing corroded connections or, you know, big electrical things. I can see how a job that you thought might be about 45 minutes can quickly turn into a much larger task and would set the dominoes of lateness falling. And I can see how if your specialty is something a little more critical (like say plumbing where maybe an escalated issue requires turning off the water to the whole house) you wouldn’t be able to just reschedule for a dedicated appointment time rather than accomplish a solution at a service call. But can you not narrow your service window at all? 

The current window of time we may expect the appliance guy to arrive is 11am – 3pm. Yes that’s your typical 4 hour window. Yes it is actually at a decent time of day (IE not 8am) and yes they are supposed to call 15 – 20 minutes in advance of their arrival. But on what planet is the general assumption in 2015 that there will be someone at home waiting for 4 hours, or better yet, working 15 – 20 minutes from home? Even more ridiculous is the window for the electrician. 9am – 3pm. You might as well just take the day off at that point. “We’ll be at your house sometime on Tuesday. Just be there when we get there or you will forfeit your appointment and be required to reschedule.”

Now luckily I do have someone that can be home to wait for these people. Luckily, he can get work accomplished from home and he didn’t have any meetings appointments scheduled for today. But still, there’s something fishy about a service company that can’t commit to anything smaller than 6 hours.

In a frantic attempt to get the house ready for “outsiders” to be in it, Shelby and I spent a good chunk of time this weekend trying to pack a few more things, straighten a few more things, and clean the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of the kitchen and Master bathroom (where the contractors will actually be). But still, when I went to bed at about 10:30 last night, the place was in kind of a state. Definitely appropriate for “we’re moving, please excuse our mess” but still disappointing. By the time I woke up this morning, the front of the house was dang near show ready. Furniture had been moved out, all the packing materials and too be packed items were tucked in the back room with our mountains of full boxes. The smell of bleach was so strong that I was tempted to light a candle but secretly afraid it might catch the fumes on fire (cuz anything is possible at this point in the house that will not let us go). The kitchen was gleaming, even under the microwave. The floors had been swept and quite possibly even scrubbed. The huz definitely went on a cleaning binge late into the night and succeeded in not only making the place presentable, but calming my fears about how to get everything taken care of between 21 and 28 days from now. If he can invite a few friends over to load cars and bust out another cleaning frenzy like last night, we’re golden.

In new house news, the structural engineer basically laughed at us and told us (in a jokingly nice way) that we were wasting his time. The crack in the foundation was nothing and our new house is still in superb condition. I’m just waiting on a few pieces of documentation from my in-laws and a few emails from the real estate agency and then will have everything finalized for the loan company. We are slowly creeping forward.

No baby yet. No baby name yet. But the hospital bag is packed and ready to go. I’m up to weekly appointments so that’s exciting (psyche).

I guess that’s all I’ve got. Have a great day!


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