It Knows

The house knows we are leaving and it is not happy. Here are the new things we get to enjoy.

Suddenly and randomly, our water pressure in the master shower dropped. I vaguely remember this being a thing, but I have no proof of the timeline. See, my neighbor moved out a while ago. I feel like when she was there, the water pressure was low. When she left, it got really powerful. Now that she has a renter in, it’s low again. But I also feel like the renter has been in longer than the pressure change. And the pressure change seems to coincide with my changing out the shower head in the 2nd bathroom. Is that a thing? Lookout Google, here I come!

And speaking of water (my arch enemy), the dishwasher leaks. WHAT?!? I can tell it is a leak and not a burst pipe which is great. But still. Every time we run the dishwasher (which is almost constantly at this point considering we packed most of our kitchen items and haven’t bought dish-soap) a little river runs along the base of the dishwasher (saw it for the first time last night) and puddles under the hardwood. Each time we walk down the hall, we get the squeak and fart of air and water trapped under the flooring. Last night, the squeak area seemed to multiply. Stupid water.

Ironically (or perhaps the two are connected?) the garbage disposal doesn’t drain properly. So that’s awesome.

And finally, the light in the master bathroom doesn’t work. Like at all. Like for months now. It hasn’t really been an issue because we have a skylight. The natural light tends to be enough for the goings on of a personal morning/evening routine. But as the days get shorter and the sun rises later and my body becomes more difficult to maneuver, the darkness is becoming a problem. And oh yeah, whoever lives there next is probably going to want us to fix it anyway.

Hopefully that is it for now. I’ll call the home warranty and see what we can expect as far as visits go. Do I really have to pay 3 different plumbers? Or could I possibly get them to lump it all into one visit?

And in new house news, we’re still trying to track down an appropriate structural engineer to look at a crack in the foundation. The crack isn’t uber scary, but still should be checked out. The first one we found is probably fine, except that his current availability isn’t until AFTER closing. That simply will not work for us. And I am not delaying closing if I can help it. We are walking on so many connected tightropes at the moment that I don’t want to consider what will happen if one thing shifts. Other than that, we are ready steady go.

I think the Huz and I are both kind of ignoring the whole timeline thing of closing, moving out/in, having baby. We’ll have both places, but not indefinitely, and the bigger house is obviously better suited for the in house help we anticipate having along with the literal carloads full of baby gear they’ll bring with them. But how and when do we get all our crap from one house to the other considering I can’t really do anything during the day (and let’s be honest, can’t really do much in the way of lifting and shifting even when I’m not at work). And if we wait until the weekend after we close, well that is basically THE WEEKEND. I don’t really care to have all our stuff unpacked (as if) but would at least like it to be in one place and you know, have beds set up where we can pretend to sleep and stuff. Cuz tightrope city means we also have to get our old place move in ready quickly so we can get it off our budget. Which means booking Lowe’s or someone to replace the carpet, preferably while our furniture is not all up on it, and cleaning and probably touch-up painting and dusting (definitely dusting, holy crap the ceiling is a dust bunny playground).

But I am getting ahead of myself. Again. Today is Friday. Today I will call the home warranty company and get those issues addressed and call the structural engineer recommendations and get those questions answered. And then I will go home and clear the heck out of the kitchen so the dishwasher man can do his thing. And then, before I know it, it will be Saturday. Slight Panic.

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