Home Again Home Again

We brought Bella home last night.

The doctor wanted to keep her at the hospital. She offered up the latest information on her condition and said we should come visit and make our decision then. But we already knew we’d be taking her home. We have given her body everything it needs to feel better, coming home will give her mind and spirit the rest she needs to let her body do it’s thing. When we got to the visiting room, Bella immediately crawled for my lap and began purring. She stretched her face toward Shelby begging to have her chin stroked. That was all the confirmation we needed that we were doing the right thing for her.

She’s taking a pill a day to help manage her symptoms. She was given a chemotherapy treatment (essentially another pill) yesterday morning. And the rest is just monitoring, loving, making comfortable and happy, and enjoying the rest of the time we have with our baby.

We have no expectations that she’ll have a miracle breakthrough recovery. We have put no pressure on her to remain alive for our sake. We are simply trying to take advantage of having her back home with us. We are taking it a day at a time and have accepted that one of those days will be horrible and heartbreaking. But we already have a plan for handling that day. And a plan for how we’re going to try handling the next days. And the important thing is that we came to this decision together and feel supported that we have made the right decisions all along the way.

For now, she is alive and at home and purring and eating and loving.


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