Two down and none (?) to go.

We went to look at houses this weekend. We did not fall in love.

There was a house that we had on our “possible” list that we decided to kick out based on the price to sq footage/acreage ratio in comparison with other properties we had seen. Then the price dropped and we added it to the viewing list last minute. Whoooo boy was that house a doozy. Rust on the floors, mold in the ceiling (of the screened in porch, but still), and such a claustrophobic layout. We joked that this would be a good house to hide in during an armed robbery because of ALL THE DOORS. Every room had a door and you had to close it to be “comfortable” in the room. There was even a door at the top of the stairs. The house was built in the 80s, and it looked like they had updated exactly one thing since then, the fridge. The “drop tub” in the master suite was yellow, and veeeeeeeeeeery shallow, more like a large sink or a place for ritual sacrifice. Even in the presentation it was clear that the owners didn’t care about this place. The cross hatches on the windows were broken and lying piled in the corner. The floors hadn’t been swept. A very lackluster effort. Perhaps they were counting on the community pool to sell their place for them?

As for the houses we discussed previously: major Sad Face about house 1. This was almost a perfect outside set-up. The owners moved out the day prior, so according to the agent, everything that wasn’t in the garage was staying – which included the large wooden playground with zip line and the plastic rock climbing wall. It was a very shaded yard and I got approximately 4500 mosquito bites, but that’s what OFF! is for right? But a very shaded outside meant a very dark inside. And again, the layout was funky. The family room was through the kitchen, but completely cut off from the rest of the house. In order to have guests from the front door sit in our comfortable space, they’d have to go through the kitchen. In order to get the bathroom, you’d have to go through the kitchen. Heck, in order to hang your coats in the coat closet no matter which door you came in, you’d have to go through the kitchen. Just, weird.

And speaking of closets, oh holy goodness no. As small as they were, I don’t think there were enough closets in the house to hold Shelby’s and my clothes, let alone visitors or baby! Which wasn’t even the biggest disappointment. The Master Suite (if you can even call it that) was just so depressing. The room was small, not tiny but no improvement over what we have. The closet was actually smaller than what we have (think Hillsborough house G). The bathroom was also smaller, and so compact that two people could never fit in there at the same time, especially when one of those people is whale-ishly preggo. There was no tub, just a shower, which you had to step down into, with a drop ceiling, and probably not enough room for all the shampoos and scrubs AND a person.

The primary redeeming features of this house included the laundry room and the “guest quarters”. Our laundry closet is the biggest thorn in Shelby’s side (apart from our miniature kitchen) and he generally hates the idea of standing in the hallway in front of accordion doors to load and unload laundry. This place had a whole separate room, with shelves, and cabinets, and plenty of room to do a little dance if needed, and still have room for the cat accoutrements.

By guest quarters, I mean the set-up downstairs. Upstairs was no big deal, but there was a pretty sizeable room downstairs that was next to the full bathroom downstairs. So it would be perfect for our parents who are planning to stay with us for extended periods relatively soon and for general privacy of guests. It was pretty rockin to have the idea of a corner “blocked off” for guests where they can hide from a crying baby, or grab a book or fresh spit-up free shirt without having to hike up the stairs.

But the longer I sat with the idea of living there, the more I couldn’t. I could not deal with that Master situation long term, I would dread going in there every single time. And to escape I would want to sit on the back porch (which was very nice and in very good condition) and would hate that after about 2 minutes of bug bites and bug spray. I should feel that way about 5 years in, I shouldn’t feel that way before buying and then STILL BUY THE PLACE! That would be insane.

Next time we’ll talk about house number 2 and all of its things. It’s still a “possible” while we re-evaluate what we need to keep and what we’re willing to sacrifice to find a decent house in our price-range. I remember loving and hating this part from last time too. Just sell me the house I want cheaply house gods *shaky fist at sky*. Cuz I’m pregnant. And I said so, that’s why.


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