Have I mentioned our house is tiny?

For the last few years, really almost as soon as Shoobs moved in, I have been frustrated by the size and layout of our house. By the furniture, by the paint, by the carpet (omg the carpet). At some point we had a birthday party or housewarming or some other doo-dah where one of our friends kicked the screen out of the back door. So for several years now we have had a flappy screen. And now a sliding screen door that refuses to stay on the tracks so is serving as a makeshift shade maker for a few of our backyard plants. Cuz we’re classy like that.

We’ve made some improvements. We painted the master bedroom. We bought curtains and curtain rods. We bought grown-up bedside lamps that sit on our piecemeal bedside tables. We renovated both bathrooms. But there is still a lot to be done.

The upstairs carpet just doesn’t exist anymore. It is so threadbare under our bed that I’m sure we can see the padding underneath. Bella enjoys clawing at the carpet at the top of the stairs. It’s still pretty subtle, except for the little fluffs that get stuck to your foot or gather at the walls. Let’s not even talk about spills and jelly stains and barbecue sauce because we have no kids yet and that is just depressing. The one carpeted room downstairs has fared much better, but is still in poor condition. You may remember the time the water heater exploded and flooded the backroom. As we move furniture around to make spaces for boxes, we can see where the finish leaked and stained the carpet. There are water stains from overzealously watering the plants. And a billion years ago Pippin peed and you can still see the faint outline.

We hate the kitchen. But since we aren’t staying, the most we’re planning to do to it at this point is repaper the shelves and de-clutter the cabinets. We had grand plans for a total cabinet make-over, but then we found out about Huckle-Chewy. And started looking to leave with earnest.

Our search has been slow. There have been houses we really liked that basically went off the market as soon as we were emailed about them. There have been some we put in the possible category but only because they were the best of a bad batch. And there have been hundreds (literally hundreds) that we have rejected outright. And then there were two.

Two houses that we actually like. Two houses that both have their faults, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a little love and time. Two houses that we have only driven by and looked at pictures online but have kinda fallen for already. Two houses at the top of our price range.

House number 1 – is on a cul de sac that is kinda hidden away. There are four houses on this street and we would be the third. The name of the street isn’t easy, but who needs it to be? The front yard is large but hillish and has lots of well-established pine trees. It has a long driveway that curves toward the two car garage (which faces away from the street) and additional parking. The backyard is also large and has grass and trees (but mostly trees) and a great deck. It has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with just over 2,100 sq feet. The kitchen could use some updates, but it’s 100 times better than what we’ve got now. I am in love with the outside of this house, the space, the yards, the trees, the privacy, but less in love with what’s going on inside. It’s got the sq footage and the essentials, but could use a few cosmetics lifts.

House number 2 – is also on a cul de sac, but on a much longer street toward the front, so theoretically more traffic. There is less privacy (as the houses are closer together) and the yards are smaller, but it has great front and back porches. The land is more level and has more grass space which is better for slip-n-slides, gardens, and kickin balls around. But there is also a city park pretty close to both houses (which are pretty close to each other) so this is not a make or break feature. The inside of this house is newer and has more recent updates. According to the pictures at least. It also has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It has just over 3,300 sq feet, but I believe that is largely due to the finished walk-out basement. You heard me, a finished basement! That could easily be the X-Box Rock Band room, and it walks out under the back deck, so we could totally screen that in and never she Shelby or the cat again!

Bottom line, we want to see these houses. Both have been on our page a few days which gives us hope that they aren’t about to fly off the market, but makes us nervous about the CRAPPY CRAPPY TIMING! This week is the second week of Theatre Camp, meaning the huz is tied up all day, this time with highly opinionated 12 year olds. I’m back to hourly which is awesome because of overtime, but lousy when it comes to sneaking out for an hour here or there. Not that it would matter though, because our realtor is on vacation. He offered to set us up with someone else to do viewings while he’s out, and we might take him up on that. But since we didn’t really agree to look inside these places until after we drove by them together last night, we didn’t get the realtor connection and I feel stupid emailing him on vacation. But if I want to move, I’ll have to suck it up and make contact.

Fingers crossed! For house magic!


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