Ahoy hoy! I suppose it has been a while. I’m still here, just working diligently at my NEW JOB!

So let me tell you all about it. So far, it freakin rocks. I mean, I am fully aware that I am going to get bored of this, stressed out, and tired of the same stupid requests by the same stupid people, but for now it is exactly what I need.

Let’s start by talking about how everyone here is an adult and is treated as such. You don’t have to tell everyone every time you step out to the restroom. People aren’t all up in your business every five minutes. The atmosphere is one of quiet respect, everyone is working, so everyone (well almost everyone, I’ll get to that later) is quiet and diligent and respectful of each other’s requirements (talking with clients etc), which is super cool and unusual given that I am in a cubicle farm L. And the hours are basically 8-5. If you get here before 8, there will be maybe one or two people here. If you leave after 5, there will be one or two different people here. That does not mean people aren’t busy or aren’t working. A lot of times, people pack up their Laptops and folders and get online at home. But they are supported in doing so. Because people have kids to pick up from school and soccer practice to take them to and dinner to cook/eat and family to spend more than 20 seconds with on a regular basis and so employees are given the tools to balance all of these things with a demanding work load and can I reiterate my old boss was a total loser about this! We are adults with commitments and that is respected here. It is assumed you will meet your deadlines and get your work done. It is refreshing.

On to the actual work. It’s monotonous, yes. It can be tedious and boring, but it involves a lot of investigation and repetition. I am good at both of those things.  For example; let’s say we are awarded a new study by a large client. All of the negotiation, budget, lab testing, result flags and whatever else are all discussed by other people. Everything is housed all neatly and nicely in electronic folders and captured in our database, again largely handled by OTHER PEOPLE. When it comes time to identify investigators, ie, the Dr offices or patient service centers where patients will go for treatment, all of the particulars are gathered and collated on a nice little spreadsheet for me, and then I copy and paste all of the data into our database. In some cases, this may mean creating 2 or 3 locations with the principle investigator and study coordinator details captured (addresses, phone numbers, etc) or it could mean hundreds. Depends on the study. But all I have to do is the brainless, clientless, cut and paste, save and activate. Easy breezy. That’s just one of the services I’m responsible for. I’ve also done similar things for setting up report recipients (cut and paste), ordering initial supplies for sites (data entry), creating commercial invoices (basically cut and paste, but researching through the database as well [commercial invoices are required anytime we ship supplies outside the United States in order to pass customs so it must have a complete and detailed list of everything in the pack; every tube, bandaid, slide, etc must be represented]) among other tasks. I think you get the point, not a whole lot of brain activity required on my part which is super handy at the moment.

Downsides? Well, 1) I am back in a cube which is disappointing. I’ve been spoiled with a pretty large office with 3 windows for the last several years. The number of plants I took to the office to get them out of the house became a problem when I had to take them back to the house. And the lack of a door is a big bummer too. 2) We’re on the second floor which is nice because I get a teensy bit of extra exercise everyday walking up and down the stairs. But it also kinda sucks cuz the floor jiggles when people walk. Not terrifying, just nauseating. And the only REAL complaint I have is 3) Miss Mouth. Miss Mouth has her own office with a door and everything. But before she was promoted (I’m gathering) she used to do what I do. With the other people who do it. In the cubes right around me. So quite frequently she comes out to chat with any number of these folks. That I don’t mind, it’s mostly work related and doesn’t really last all that long. What I do mind is the tone and volume of her voice. This place is kind of like a library. Very quiet, very peaceful, and when she comes out to talk it’s like a fighter jet is landing right in the middle of the young adult section. The people she talks to must be whispering back, because I can never hear what they are saying. Just her. Every. Single. Word. But like I say, it’s usually work related, usually short, and usually up to twice per day maximum, so it really isn’t that big of a deal.

Stay tuned for further updates on the status of me!