Last Day

It feels kinda like the last day of school. You know, where you go through your locker and look at all the old papers that got shoved into weird corners. I found an email I printed from almost 6 years ago.

I’m nervous, anxious. I can’t wait to start something new, but I wish I felt more confident and knowledgeable.  I want to be a year in and functioning at full capacity. I don’t like the first days of feeling like I know nothing. The awkward “getting to know each other” period with a new boss and new co-workers.

And I’m excited. I am ready to have a new skill set under my belt, ready to be more marketable outside of HR. Ready to learn how other people function and what the company I have been working for these last 8 years actually does.

I’m not sad. I’m not nostalgic. I’m not thinking about how much I will miss people or the familiar halls. I have been here long enough. I will miss my office though. I’m pretty sure I’m headed back to cube town, and the three windows and square footage and door I can close that I have been spoiled with will be hard to let go of.

Here’s to new horizons!


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