B T Dubs

I got the job.

I will be officially transferring divisions April 19th and will take up my new position as a Clinical Trials Associate Project Manager. I’m freakin stoked.

I’ll tell you all about the argument I had with current my boss (that she started but wasn’t ready for though I was!) and the particulars of the new position later. But for the time being, I’m trying desperately not to get fired between now and April 19th. It is one thing to wrap up work enough to go on a vacation, even a long vacation. But to hand something over completely knowing I am never going to see it again is kinda frightening. Particularly since I have been doing THIS job for so long.

So, back to the grindstone. Check in soon!


Oh Yeah

So I got interviewed. Twice. With varying results. Or lack thereof.

OK. Starting over. You may be aware that I have been applying for positions within the company, attempting to grasp the opportunity to move up and out of Human Resources. That was mostly a dead end. I was having lunch after lunch, follow-up email after email, meetings and plugs, and still no interviews or serious consideration of my application. So I decided it was time to start looking outside the company again and submitted a few resumes to a few companies.

And then I got a message through linked in. It took like 3 days. If even. And a meeting was set up. Subsequent freaking out ensued. I was also performing in a show. Almost immediately after I set the appointment, my self confidence hit the floor and I became extra needy in the tell me I’m great kinda way. God Bless my husband for putting up with me. It was rough.

But I needn’t have worried. It went so swimmingly that, if one were available, I would have had an offer before I left the building. As it turns out, the position I was being considered for was “beneath my capabilities” and there were other potential opportunities where I would prove to be more valuable. We are scheduled to follow up next week to see if pieces have shifted enough to warrant an offer, or if I am still in a holding pattern.

In the meantime, my company called to set an interview for one of the transfer opportunities I had applied for with the Clinical Trials division! Weighing everything theoretical (cuz, I have no offer to consider salary/benefits from another company), this is the position I would prefer. I have enjoyed human resources, but I am ready to be an employee. Ready to be held to a regular standard and explore something new. Ready to feel like I am making an impact beyond finding people jobs (which I realize is pretty significant, but after 5 years, it is also pretty disheartening). I’d get to keep my vacation accruals, my company seniority. My pension plan and 401(k). All the adult things I have invested in this company regardless of whether this company has invested in me.

However, I did not feel that interview went quite as well. It didn’t go badly by any means. I met with two women. The first was kind of unimpressed at first, but as we kept talking, she seemed to open up more, and started taking notes. I tried to convey how I could relate my experiences in HR to my understanding of what the position would entail, how my background leant me to be adaptable, amenable to change, able to manage stress. And by the end I felt fairly confident that I had presented myself well enough to be a strong contender.

The second lady however…She asked me maybe 2 questions and then spent the rest of our time trying to scare me away. Talking about the anticipated changes, the stress, the high volume workload and the demands of the clients. Told me I was passed over several times because my college degree is psychology and not a life science. To which I tried to respond that I have been selling our science to scientific people with science degrees for the last several years and I can learn what I need to know to lead a project. I have a passion for the industry, one that runs in my family. And my psychology degree and years of cold calling experience mean that I can communicate well with all types of people. I was less convinced that she would give my resume a second glance.

I will hopefully hear from the CT division next week. It would be fan-freakin-tastic if I got two job offers at the same time. I would be able to weigh everything in actual time rather than relying on the theoretical offer that is yet to come. I doubt it will happen, but life has been throwing a lot of good juju at me lately.

Anyway, that’s my little update for now. Sorry it was so long coming. I’ve had a lot to process.