Ice Ice Baby

I suppose at this point I should stop being surprised at the weather. It’s winter. It’s sort of the south. It’s sort of the North. It’s gonna be weird.

We got more ice. Some of you may remember the epic adventure that was 2014’s ice storm. This year, the snow fell later and the ice didn’t hit until after hours, so my adventure home was somewhat less than. The drive to work this morning/afternoon was also, graciously, uneventful. All in all, I am quite pleased.

On the other hand, my house is blanketed with ice and snow. The tricky thing is it looks all fluffy and nice. But what it actually is is a very thin layer of fluffy and nice snow completely encased in a quarter inch of ice. Ice so thick and solid I could barely break a boot heel through it. Ice that reminds me of a certain kitchen table. So I was a wee bit tricked when I stepped out onto my front stoop and took a bit of a skating approach to the edge of the steps. But, even with my typical clumsy nature, I managed to stay upright, correct my misconception about the footprints I intended to make, and dig my way up the hill to my car.

I freakin love my Toyota. There is nothing this vehicle can’t do. She is a champ! With barely a huff she got up the icy hill of a parking lot. She didn’t slide once on the way into the office. And she quite happily performs extremely well despite being in desperate need of an oil change, tire rotation, alignment, and a hubcap. She’s 10 years old, has a million bajillion miles on her, but she parties like the spring chickens. She doesn’t talk back to me. She does everything I ask without complaint, and I take care to give her gas and a lot of kind words. Why can’t more people be like my car? 😉

So, I guess that is enough for now. Sorry for torturing you with disjointed sentences and rambling thoughts. Just really wanted to check in and kill time. Time killed.


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