Tis the Season

Apparently, this time of year, “Tis the Season” is the nationally recognized response to everything. Here are just a few examples I have heard over the last few days.

“I was up until midnight baking cookies!” – Tis the season

“I drank a little too much eggnog if you know what I mean.” – Tis the season

“All I have done is snack! Cookies, chocolates…If I don’t get something solid in my belly soon I’m gonna be sick.” – Tis the season

“Agatha’s grandfather passed away yesterday.” – Tis the season

“I’m sorry I’m running late. I unexpectedly had to scrape my windshield this morning” – Tis the season

“Let’s EAT!” – Tis the season

Fair enough, some of these actually make sense. There are very few other seasons where eggnog is consumed and this is a time of year when the weather is weird and unpredictable and COLD. But for far too many people, every season is the season for EATING. And people die all the time, and our response is not usually so cruel. I just imagine that conversation in July. “Agatha’s grandfather passed away yesterday.” “God bless America!”

Just because it’s a thing we say doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to say all the time. We can’t even slow down long enough to process a conversation before we launch into automated small talk response. I remain unimpressed with people and the necessity of verbal social interaction. We clearly don’t care what is actually said so why is it such a big deal that we talk?

OK, that was mean.  – Tis the season.

I have almost finished Christmas shopping. Gifts are wrapped, packages have been shipped, and final orders have been placed. Almost. Shelby and I are struggling to come up with gift ideas for each other this year. It was a lot easier when money wasn’t on the forefront of our minds. We’re still doing OK, quite amazingly. But it seems silly and wasteful to buy something we don’t neeeeeed to have right now. And it seems hard to ask. But I remain undeterred. I will find the perfect gift this year if it kills me. Because, tis the season for being broke and thrifty for yourself yet splurging on your loved ones, who are also being broke and thrifty and splurging on you.


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