It has been how long since I last posted?

Well not much has happened. I went on my Halloween project management tour which was insightful to a degree, but pretty much what I expected to hear. I made some good connections. Now if only I could find the time to follow up. I’ve communicated directly with the CT department and the CT SVP but no fruits have fallen from that tree yet. I still sit and do my current job the best I can, harboring as little animosity as I can, and hoping that something miraculous will happen soon.

The Haunted Halloween Theatre event (Treatbag) that we participated in seems to have gone well. We never heard final numbers as far as money raised, but we seemed to have a relatively full house throughout the evening, and the people that came around genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves. I count it as a success.

I’m surprised at how full my 2015 theatre calendar already is. I’m performing in Feb/Mar, stage managing in April, maybe ASMing in May. I guess that’s all, but that still seems like a lot for me. I’m not usually this popular.

Shelby and I are going to NY. Today we celebrate 3 years of wedded bliss. I say today we celebrate, but today what we did is have a quick lunch since we both have rehearsal tonight. We really celebrate the weekend before Thanksgiving by taking a flash trip to the Big Apple. One of the more inspiring theatre endeavors for our local groups has been Sleep No More. Several of our directors, artistic directors, production managers, and fellow actors have gone to see this production. Sleep No More inspired Treatbag. It has changed the way people talk about theatre. It is important. It is exciting that we finally get to go. We have been talking about going since forever. We have dinner reservations and theatre tickets and plush hotel accommodations. We are looking forward to being transformed!



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