Launching Pad – Spring Board – Escape Hatch?

What’s Occurring:

  • Applied to a project position in the CT division of my current company.
  • Notified my current supervisor who
  1. Contacted the recruiter for the position
  2. Contacted the hiring manager for the position
  3. Contacted our former SVP who is now the SVP for the CT division
  • Reached out to our former VP and GM who is now over the project management team at our corporate headquarters who
  1. Agreed to meet with me
  2. Set up 2 hours of conversations with me and other project management people at our corporate headquarters
  3. Followed by lunch to debrief and talk about career goals
  • Reached out to the recruiter for the position who
  1. Despite being out of the country returned my email with a request for my resume to forward to the hiring manager.


  • No official word on the application BUT
  • My current supervisor has indicated that my application is being processed and the SVP of CT would be delighted to have me as part of his team and will make it known.
  • The meetings with the GM etc have been scheduled for Halloween, so I have to put on my best business professional costume and smile the heck out of these unofficial interviews.
  • Business politics in my favor not-withstanding, business politics have taken over so that the recruitment for CT positions is no longer being handled by the division, but rather being handled by the corporate recruiters who are currently helping us with our positions. So, a little awkward there, but given all my other connections, I’m not that concerned.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when a group of people try to push you down. I sincerely hope that I get the chance to leave amicably. But I also sincerely hope that the team doesn’t get better just because I’ve left, and they’re forced to realize they just pushed out one of the best assets they had.


2 thoughts on “Launching Pad – Spring Board – Escape Hatch?

  1. CakiArwen23

    So exciting. I absolutely know the feeling of wanting them to value what they’ve lost; just think how much the new team will value what they are gaining!

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