Why I Love My Husband

It’s just like fishing. You can’t get upset about not catching anything, you just have to enjoy sitting on the water.

…was his response to my disappointing attitude about almost everything lately. I’ve been applying for job changes (no word yet mom) and we’ve been looking for houses online to see what we can agree on. We’ve talked to friends about their recent housing experiences and got a high recommendation for a local Realtor.

And yet, we’ve continued to make almost no progress. My attitude has not improved. I recognize that it is not helpful.

And so rather than focusing on the progress we haven’t made, he encouraged me to focus on the little changes we are making. And the old cliché, experiencing life rather than waiting for it to happen.

I am not fixed. But I am feeling better. The house is cleaner. The air is crisper. I am hopeful I can enjoy my favorite season without being a sour puss all the time.

I am also hopeful that the small changes will continue to grow, and the momentum will continue forward, and that I will have new and exciting things to write about.

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